Interview with Gwen Featured in ‘Vanity Fair’

Photo courtesy of Jamie Nelson/Vanity Fair
Photo courtesy of Jamie Nelson/Vanity Fair

A new interview with Gwen is featured in the latest issue of Vanity Fair and has her opening up to Lisa Robinson about how she approaches songwriting now and why she decided to release music on her own outside of No Doubt.

After her initial separation from her husband, Gwen shares that she went “through a real period of anger” but found herself writing from a place of forgiveness. On “Used To Love You” she said, ” It’s admitting, I used to love you and now I don’t. I opened this channel to writing again—it was me being honest, being real.” Gwen says that she’s “in an amazing songwriting place” and is finding herself focusing on herself for the first time in awhile. ” I’m always looking for the next song, and now I don’t have to be insecure or write about heartache.”

Gwen shares that she is in love but wouldn’t get into specific details about her private relationship. She says that “God knows what’s going to happen” and is excited to have an album “almost all about being happy and in love.” (Aw!)

With Gavin Rossdale, she admits that she was naive going into the relationship and had never lived with a guy before. She says that before they were married, the longest time they had spent with each other was about three weeks due to both of their hectic touring schedules.

Gwen said that she had desires to make music of her own cause she wanted to explore different sounds and things that she couldn’t without No Doubt. “I love being in that band and we’re like a family. But sometimes I felt like I couldn’t do other things I wanted to do—like costume changes and girl stuff that I was always interested in… So when the band took a break, I was excited to work with a lot of different people.”

11 Replies to “Interview with Gwen Featured in ‘Vanity Fair’”

  1. Wow…those are some direct questions…

    It’s nice to hear her refer to the guys as family… some fans seem to think there is a rift between them.

    1. To be honest, I was one of the people that were wondering if there was some bad blood. But I was happy that she finally addressed ND and that the reporter pointed that she is the No Doubt front woman not former or ex!
      I really hope that she keeps her channels open and can use some of those as inspiration to write with Tom and Tony again 🙂

      1. I agree, I’d love to see them become inspired by their separate projects and “reunite” for a new ND album in the next few years. Especially if her songwriting channel stays open! LOL

    1. Course not… 2017 is the year the boys will release an album for their new band and Gwen might end up recording a new solo album, since she’s so focused on writing new music now.

  2. Yeah I highly doubt the reporter mentioned her the nanny. But it’s stupid to change the questions to make it more sensationalist? There are bits of this interview I didn’t like it. And Tragic Kingdom their debut? *facepalm*

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