Gwen Inspired By Her Past Costumes For Harajuku Mini

Gwen has commented earlier that she took inspirations from some of her past looks for the new Harajuku Mini collection. Here are some direct quotes from her on the line!

Belfast Telegraph — Gwen Stefani’s debut childrenswear line borrows prints “right off costumes” she’s worn in the past.

The stunning star recently launched her Harajuku Mini collection in Target stores. The range, caters for babies, children and tweens and is Japanese anime-inspired.

The brand is Gwen’s first venture into clothing for babies and boys, and was launched off the back of her successful Harajuku Lovers young apparel and accessories collection.

Gwen says the range is true to her fashion roots.

“If you look at the line, it reeks of everything that I’ve worn and done, especially this first collection. I wanted it to be a real condensed version of things that I’ve done in my career and to shrink them down. Actual prints that I’m using are actually right off of costumes that I’ve worn, and you can pull them right up to dresses that I’ve worn and things like that,” she told

“There’s really a traditional side to it, because that’s really my style. I’ve always really liked that traditional kind of English schoolgirl type of look, but there’s also an edgy modern thing going on, which is what I have always loved about Japanese culture. You’ve got the deep tradition of Japan and then you’ve got their futuristic modern thing, and I love that whole mix of masculine and feminine. I think this line really has all that in it.”

The 80-piece exclusive collection includes apparel and accessories. Gwen is thrilled with the outcome of her new range.

“It’s just so exciting for me, because now I can do real fashion,” she explained.

“Before it was like, ‘OK, Gwen, you can do a onesie with a character on it.’ But that’s not fashion, you can get that anywhere.”

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