Gwen Included On New “American Cool” Alt-100 List

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Gwen has been included on the “American Cool” Alt-100 list in honor of a new photo exhibition on display now in Washington D.C. until early September.

The “American Cool” exhibit features and celebrates some of the most iconic individuals who have embodied the definition of “cool” over the last century. Gwen didn’t make the top 100 but came pretty close — that’s incredible!

You can check out the full list of notable celebrities that made the list courtesy of National Portrait Gallery.

The Alt-100 List recognizes those icons over whom we argued the longest and hardest. They are grouped in alphabetical order according to their period of greatest acclaim. These public figures point up the richness and depth of American popular culture, and we hope it provides further fuel for future conversations. Here you will find some artists whose cool cachet lasted only a decade and some who were only cult figures. If we could not find a photograph that captured a person’s cool, he or she can be found here. After all, you have to look cool sometime to carry off the daily struggle of existence with style.

“American Cool” is not the last word on cool but rather the first step toward a new national conversation on this singular American self-concept.

The first list, below, features those individuals included in the exhibition. The second list represents those who were considered but, ultimately, were not included in “American Cool.“

Who’s on your cool list? Here are two questions to consider:

1. Did this person bring something entirely new into American culture?
2. Will this person’s work or art stand the test of time and history?

Daily Mail — Years after they first made their mark Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra, Madonna and Blondie are all still hip enough to have earned a place in the top 100 coolest Americans.

The ‘American Cool’ exhibit is currently on show at the National Portrait Gallery, in Washington, D.C. America, until 7 September.

Included in the exhibit are the likes of jazz musicians such as Miles Davis and Billie Holiday, actors such as Johnny Depp, and singers such as Elvis Presley and Debbie Harry.

Given the large number of celebrities that this term has been used to describe, an alternative list was also created for those who did not make the Top 100.

This list included the likes of Samuel L Jackson, Gwen Stefani, and Tom Petty.

The portraits that feature in the gallery were contemporary images shot by famous photographers such as Richard Avedon and Annie Leibovitz.

2 Replies to “Gwen Included On New “American Cool” Alt-100 List”

  1. Judging from the names mentioned in the actual top 100, I can understand why Gwen wouldn’t necessarily be but it’s still incredible Gwen got mentioned along with Samuel L Jackson etc, still a big positive, aww 🙂

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