Gwen Included In Elle’s Women In Music Top Beauty Icons

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For her always imaginative hairstyles and stunning makeup looks, Gwen has been named one of Elle magazine’s Top Beauty Icons in their Women In Music feature.

ElleGwen Stefani

Stefani’s imaginative hairstyles and exquisite makeup are nearly as impressive as her musical chops. “We just look at creating looks as a way to spend more time together—we’ve known each other for so long that it’s a lot of fun,” says Danilo, Stefani’s coiffeur. Though he says the two of them like to keep things fresh, he admits Stefani is partial to a pompadour: “I’ve done quite a few of them, but I’ve done them a million different ways. We’re always playing and trying out new ideas.” Stefani is also adventurous in her makeup choices but, as with her hairstyles, she plays favorites. Dramatically lined eyelids paired with either a red or nude lip is a standby: “I don’t always do red but my husband [Gavin Rossdale] really likes it so I’ll probably have to keep wearing that color if I want to keep the marriage going,” she once joked.

2 Replies to “Gwen Included In Elle’s Women In Music Top Beauty Icons”

  1. well..of course she’s a God damn beauty icon,DAMMIT!!! what you JUST see her!?!? HUH?! she’s been a frickin’ beauty icon for quite long now!!! you shoulded named her a beauty icon a long time ago!!!….emmm by the way…Gwen if you read this… i love you,if you ever get tired of that pretty boy Rossdale,know that i’ll be glad to travel over there and let you be my wife! you won’t regreat it! promise! have you ever taste argentinian meat? the best meat of the world! and i’m made of it!

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