Gwen Included In Best Celebrity Teeth Makeovers

I guess this is a compliment, but Gwen is included in‘s new list of the “ill grills,” the best celebrity teeth makeovers. I thought she always had really nice teeth, but she did done braces back in late 1999 to bridge a gap she had.

They may look good now, but at one point, celebrities weren’t picture perfect when it came to their pearly whites. Check out the famous faces who were paid a special visit from the Hollywood tooth fairy …

Gwen Stefani was another famous face who was brave enough to wear braces during the height of her career. The singer proudly showed off a mouth full of metal when she made the choice to correct her smile in 1999. Even the new wiring couldn’t hold back the singer’s fashion-forward style: Gwen often wore multi-colored bands on her braces.

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  1. I think she has cute teeth 🙂 even before braces they weren’t bad at all. ppl are just trying to find a flaw in her perfection and they really cant. LOL

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