Gwen in Loara High School’s Senior Video

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Though we’ll probably never see it, Twitter was going crazy tonight over Gwen’s special appearance during Anaheim’s Loara High School’s Class of 2013 senior class video. The video was presented during the school’s Homecoming ceremony this evening. We’re hearing she said “When a Saxon, always a Saxon” (the school’s mascot).

Gwen graduated from Loara High School in 1987.

I’m a bit jealous Gwen Stefani made this years seniors a video for their homecoming assembly..i graduated a year early I guess 😩 haha

Ahhhh ! gwen stefani graduated from my school 😀 “When a saxon always a saxon!!!” <3

Dude, how cool is it that Gwen Stefani went to my high school and she left us a message 😋

Gwen Stefani gave our school a special message 😉

“@miguel_f18: That assembly was dooopeeee!!!👌 #Classof2013” I heard Gwen Stefani shouted y’all out #SaxonLife

5 Replies to “Gwen in Loara High School’s Senior Video”

  1. you should have seen everyone, they were hysterical; and when the video was done , the host said ‘ladies and gents, Gwen Stefani!” (the projection screen was in the back, opposite the stage) everyone turned to look at the stage expecting to see her, what they got instead was a group of very awesome teachers dressed as her, singing covers of No Doubt and Gwen’s songs. It was really great, glad she took the time to make that video, it meant a lot.

  2. Yes, we were all going nuts!!! Thank you so much Gwen! Please come out and perform for us this year! I am a senior and it has been my dream for you to come back to Loara and perform.. Love you! xoxoxoxo

  3. Hi Gwen!! I just learned that you are a fellow Saxon graduate…!! We are about to celebrate our 40th reunion this weekend..!! It’s going to be a blast, can’t wait!! Friday night, alumni only, at Moreno’s Mexican restaurant on Chapman in Orange, and Sat night at Windham Hotel in Irvine. I can’t believe 40 years have passed so quickly..So proud to hear that such Amazing talent graduated from our school, and announcing how proud you are… Thank You!! Love u!! You are Amazing!!

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