Gwen: "I'm Really Self-Centered!"

Fashionista — I interviewed Gwen Stefani backstage before LAMB yesterday.

I wanted to gush, and tell her that “Tragic Kingdom’s” one of the only albums I can listen to all the way through, and have been for fifteen years now (woah), but I controlled myself, maybe blushed a bit, and asked Fashion Week appropriate questions.

Like, “You were probably the first celebrity, like legitimate talented celebrity to launch a clothing line–”

“Was I?”

“Yes! Were you surprised when everyone else jumped on the bandwagon?”

“I was more surprised–I mean I have so many things going on that I’m not really focusing on other people. I’m really self-centered! No, I mean the way that music is now, people are doing so many other thigs to make a lving which is a natural progression of society and the world and music and who knows. But I love doing it. I mean I started LAMB because I wanted somethign that I loved and was passionate about and I didn’t know if I’d still be doing music.”

Do you think about your collections when you’re making your fragrances?

“When I started Harajuku lovers I was making a world around the music, for the fans. It was a surreal idea that just kept building and building and building. I had no idea it’d turn into this. I was hoping it could! But I mean the girls and the dolls and the fragrance took it too a whole other level that I fantasized about, but never expected to see. So it’s just mind-blowing to me. I love working on it, it’s really challenging and super abstract.”

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  1. Thanks for continuing to keep us updated with all the Fashion Week media,Jenny!! I totally agree,she definitely was the first(and one of the few) legitimately talented celebrity desginers-I think her vision even goes beyond the ”celebrity designer” label,she is a true artist.It’s awesome to see her lines still thriving-I have a feeling they will continue to thrive for many,many years to come 😀

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