Gwen: "I Really Don't Know What The Trends Are"

Yahoo!Stefani describes the inspiration for her fall 2010 collection to be a mix between a snobby Hollywood starlet, a futuristic girl, and a soldier girl. “I don’t really know what the trends are—whatever I like I just kind of go for,” says Stefani. “I just want to make stuff that I want to wear, you know, that’s not costume-y stuff, but stuff I want to wear every day that makes you feel unique and individual.

Alexander McQueen’s McQ collection was supposed to be shown in the same venue as L.A.M.B. today, but was cancelled due to his sudden passing. When asked how she felt about this news, Stefani had this to say: “From my perspective he was a genius. I mean, I never got to meet him, I never got to go to one of his shows, he’s given me a few pieces that I’ve worn, one time to the Grammys, and I have these leather boots that come to up to here [points at upper thigh], I have a couple pieces of his that he was so generous to give. Yeah, it’s devastating, and people are going to feel it for a long time. It’s just so tragic and so shocking.”

MAC makeup artist applies Gwen’s makeup, mixing four different shades to create her signature red lip. And FYI- she won’t be changing up her lip color anytime soon. “My husband really likes it, so whenever I don’t do it, he’s like ‘wait, where are the lips?’ I like that Hollywood glamorous thing, I always have, and always will. I’m stuck in my own ways.”

Viewers got a sneak peek at the new L.A.M.B. accessories. The lace print in particular is very on-trend.

Not only do Gwen’s Harajuku Lovers fragrances smell delish, they’re so adorable! Her new “Sunshine Cuties” summer fragrances will be launching soon, but attendees were lucky enough to get one in the gift bags. “For me fragrance is really hard, it’s so abstract,” says Stefani. “It’s hard trying to get the personality in there. I started the whole Harajuku thing with my album, and I never thought it would keep going, but it really evolved.”

MAC makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury came up with a Clara Bow-inspired ’30s look for the models. Skin was pale and semi-matte, while feline eyes were created by smudging MAC Smoulder black eyeliner outwards, and topped with several coats of mascara. Red and black lipliners were used on the lips to complete the look.

The new L.A.M.B. line was full of tweed coats, bodysuits, leopard prints, corsets, camouflage, military-inspired coats, stud and zipper detailing, and the slouchy harem pants she’s so fond of. “My whole life I’ve always worn men’s pants and trousers, and now they’re in, but they’re always gonna be in for me,” says Stefani. “When they go out, I’ll still wear them.”

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  1. Aw,so cool how she posed with the older cover-she looks just as beautiful today 😀 Loved her quotes,especially about never changing her style to fit the latest trends. Thanks as always for the post 🙂

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