Gwen Hosts ‘You Make It Feel Like Christmas’ Listening Party on Merf Radio

Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani

Gwen hosted and served as DJ for her own You Make It Feel Like Christmas album listening party on Pennsylvania’s Merf Radio this past weekend and played the album in full on-air and shared stories behind the tracks. She says again how much she’s always wanted to make a Christmas album and to include some of her favorite holiday songs. We grabbed a few of the notable tidbits from the listening party and we recommend listing to the whole thing for her thoughts on some of the covers she chose for the album. Super fan lamb83 captured and shared the special excluding the songs which you can listen to below.

“My Gift Is You”
Gwen shares that “My Gift Is You” was the first song written for the album with Busbee and Justin Tranter. The inspiration for the track actually came from a line from “Under the Christmas Lights” and Busbee started writing around it. “It’s interesting like sometimes you just think you’re gonna have one song, but one song becomes two songs.” Gwen says that “My Gift Is You” is one of her favorites from the album and feels grateful for it.

“When I Was a Little Girl”
“I was really trying to think about dreams, and dreams you had when you were little and the lists that you make.” She pushed herself to make the idea she had about whom she was going to love when she grew up into a Christmas song, “because that’s what Christmas is all about; about dreams and the future and assessing the past.” Gwen says that she did not imagine “When I Was a Little Girl” turning out the way it did and that it “reflects so much about how I was when I was a little girl.”

“You Make It Feel Like Christmas”
Co-written with Blake Shelton, Gwen says that she always dreamed about writing a Christmas track with him because they are both huge fans of the holiday. Gwen says that she didn’t think a collaboration would have been possible due to the record’s sound at the time but he reached out with an idea for the track and she ended up loving it. “I was so excited about it and I played just the little rough version that he sent me to Busbee and Justin and we ended up finishing the song.” She joked saying that she forced Blake to be on the album with her and “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” would be a duet.

“Never Kised Anyone with Blue Eyes Before You”
Gwen says of “Never Kissed Anyone with Blue Eyes Before You” that it wasn’t meant to be a Christmas song. She recalls being with her family at Blake’s ranch in Oklahoma and having the melody and lyric come to her. “It’s not hard to imagine, it’s pretty self explanatory.” She sang her ideas into her phone and thought, “maybe there’s a song here” and played it back for Busbee and Justin Tranter once she returned to Los Angeles. The duo fell in love with the melody and Justin convinced her that they would re-work it into a Christmas song. “Never Kissed Anyone with Blue Eyes” ended up being the last song written for the album.

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