Gwen Hosting Live Q&A on Facebook Mar. 18 (Updated)


Gwen hosted her live Q&A on Facebook this past Friday and answered questions from fans that had been submitted on her post as well as album artwork and special goodies! She revealed what her favorite tracks from the album are and what song she struggles to perform live after all that has happened.

It’s time! Turn on my new album This Is What The Truth Feels Like & ask me your questions!󾬐󾬐Download or stream now at Apple Music:

Posted by Gwen Stefani on Friday, March 18, 2016


Below are some highlights and questions she had randomly selected to answer; the questions that were asked are in bold followed by Gwen’s response:

On average how long would it take to complete one song?
I would say on average less than an hour for writing

Gwen, what’s the feeling to have This Is What The Truth Feels Like #1 in so many countries
I’m having a hard time understanding or absorbing any of this right now. All I know is I prayed hard and here we are!

What artwork is your favourite for your album?
I knew that when I was in 7th grade and couldn’t stop doodling I knew it would come in handy at some point. It was so fun to hand draw all the lyrics for this record while listening to the music and thinking about my life. Very therapeutic

Hey Gwen! Splash is my favourite song on the album because it feels incredibly cleansing. What was your mindset while recording this one?
Wow. This makes me so happy you connect with the song. This is one that I love. I remember going to Montana for a cleansing calm vacation and listening to the song on repeat and when I came home my life changed forever. This song is major for me

how have your boys influenced and helped you grow? have you written songs for them?
Having children is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. My boys inspire me everyday to try to be a better person and role model. They’re a gift from god and I always want to impress them. But they don’t care about my music. They just want me to be mom. And I’m good with that. I have you guys for that!

What was the first song written off this album?
First song was Red Flag, 2nd song was Naughty

Last song was – You’re Asking For It

Sing-talking / Rapping can be found all over your albums. Do you listen to any hip-hop records as inspiration?
I didn’t listen to any music for inspiration to make this record. But I do love hip hop and I’m obsessed with Fetty Wap!

Do you think that now you’ve returned to creating solo music, you’ll continue to do more?
I’m trying to live in the moment and not think about the future. Wanting to live in the moment and the now and enjoy all of this

Any chance of a few one-off live shows? The LA show last Feb was magical.
I want to do live shows real bad and figure out some kind of version of a tour with 3 little monkeys. But only if you’re gonna show up!

During your past crazy year, have any of your past songs taken on new meaning for you or helped you through tough times in they way they have for your fans
OMG YES! Certain songs like Real Thing I can hardly do without wanting to puke.

Do you have a preference of what types of songs you enjoy writing better – ones about falling in love, or ones about trouble with love??
I think it’s easier to write songs about pain than it is to write about happiness but it feels like a facelift to write about hope, love, happiness – FINALLY!…….

Any chance at a hint of what you’ll be performing on SNL?
Make Me Like You for sure… And another one from the new album.

What songs are you most excited to perform live?
For me I can’t think of one song that sticks out. Some of my fave songs on album – truth, misery, rare, where would I be….

What song on “truth” do you feel like was the most intense to write, what was the easiest, and how do you feel about it now?
Where would I be was probably the easiest. I wrote it in minutes. Lovable was one of the most intense lyrics I think.

In January you posted a picture of yourself in a studio kneeling down in a praying pose, and thanking God for a new song. What song from the album were you referring to?
I remember that! I think it was You’re My Favorite or Send Me a Picture – I wrote them the same day

How did you want the album to sound production wise? What was your inspiration for it?
I did not have any inspiration for the record sonically or production wise. All I wanted to do was get out the emotions I had inside of me. And every song started with the lyrics and though and the music came right after that at same time

Will you ever do a duet or collab album with Blake at some point?
In my dreams…..

Do you wake up every day amazed at how many people listen to your music? Did you ever think this was ever going to happen, when you were performing shows in garages?
I can’t believe any of this. It’s impossible to believe. I wish I could explain to you that I am just a girl from Anaheim and this is all weird. But I am so grateful!

Gwen Stefani, what was it like going back to Tokyo?
Going back to Tokyo was surreal, incredible, dreamy, magical. The actual concert was mind-blowing. Everybody had their heart out on display for me

Are you more open to Country Music now?
The first concert I ever went to was emmylou harris concert!

How do you feel to come back after 10 long years and see that your fans still love you?
I don’t know if I could be more grateful for every bit of this exchange of love and this relationship we’ve had. I needed you so bad right now and you’ve been there for me. So THANK YOU!!!

Was there ever a time when recording that you couldn’t get through a song because it was too emotional?
There’s definitely been a lot of crying. Happy and sad. Hopeful disbelief but none of it got in the way of making the music come alive

Gwen, what was the most challenging song for you to write in this album?
There wasn’t a challenging song, it was just overall a challenging time and the hardest thing to do was probably going to the studio for the first time.


Exciting! In honor of her new album’s release tomorrow, Gwen shared that she will be hosting a live Q&A session on Facebook on March 18 at 11:00AM PST! She Tweeted out saying, “My album drops tmrw & I’m super excited for u to hear it! Lets do a live Q&A on FB & talk about the songs together”. We’re assuming fans will be able to participate on her official Facebook page at

If you’re not able to join in, we’ll share highlights from the Q&A on BSO tomorrow. It’s going to a fun and exciting day!

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  1. Album update on iTunes:
    #1 Hong Kong
    #1 Indonesia
    #1 Macau
    #1 Malaysia
    #1 Singapore
    #1 Taiwan
    #2 Australia
    #2 Philippines
    #3 New Zealand
    #3 Russia
    #3 Thailand
    #4 India
    #5 Japan
    #6 Qatar
    #7 Macau
    #9 Vietnam
    #53 Egypt
    #99 Australia
    #114 Russia

      1. Hahaha, Amanda. I did notice double entries for both Aust. & Rus. though… maybe one for standard, other for deluxe?

        1. International markets are only getting one version, the Deluxe one, only the US will be getting a regular one and the Target edition. Maybe the positions refer to different categories, that’s why there’s two different chart positions.

    1. Wow, Lisa, those look like very strong numbers! #5 in Japan is more impressive than at first glance. She does have a strong following there, but J-pop really floods and rules the charts there. Australia and Russia are large, important markets — I need to check later, bit busy atm, but I’m wondering in Aust. if it’s Zara Larsson keeping her from #1. Overall, congrats Gwen! Woohooo!

    1. Lally, I’ve shared the majority of the Q&A from Facebook. Gwen just posted a photo of herself and asked fans to chime in with questions that she randomly answered.

  2. Whoa, that comment about Real Thing. 🙁 I had Underneath It All played at my wedding, wonder if she’ll ever perform it again.

  3. LOL The Real Thing…wow… I have wondered how she manages to get through some of those songs (ND and solo) that are about happier times with Gavin.

    1. I think even the ones that were about suspicion or hard times on their relationship must be really hard.

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