Gwen Hosting “Family Day” Fundraiser With First Lady Michelle Obama; Guidelines

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Fans have been asking if they could purchase tickets for four (not including children) to the event. There have been some conflicting information going around, but a new email from a representative for the Obama campaign has confirmed that your groups MUST HAVE AT LEAST TWO CHILDREN in your party for planning purposes. The website has since been updated specifying two children and two adults. The email is below courtesy of fan Monica.

The representative also confirmed that some fans were unfortunately probably told conflicting answers but this is what is standard for the event:

Hi Monica,

Thanks for your interest. This event is for children and their families only. We appreciate your understanding. Each group of four must include at least two children for planning purposes. Please send us the names and birthdays for everyone in your party so we may organize events and activities accordingly.

Thank you again,

Obama Victory Fund

According to Hollywood Reporter, Gwen will be hosting a fundraiser with First Lady Michelle Obama at her home on August 12. The event, given the name “Family Day”, gives the opportunity of a family of four to pay $1,000 to attend the event — $5,000 gives you time with Gwen and Michelle for a family play date.

You can purchase tickets to the event on up to $25,000. The fundraiser will be taking place at Gwen’s home in Beverly Hills starting at 11:30 AM. The website does say “members of No Doubt” so it’s possible the rest of the band will join the event as well.

Hollywood Reporter — If ever there was an organization whose creativity matched Hollywood’s, it’s the Obama reelection campaign, and just to prove it, Michelle Obama is teaming up with singer-fashion designer Gwen Stefani for a novel “Family Day” fundraiser.

The event is set for August 12 at the singer’s Beverly Hills home. A family of four can join the First Lady and their hostess for a day of child-friendly campaign fun for just $1,000. A $5,000 donation gets mom, dad and the presumably Democratic kids additional face time with Michelle and Gwen—a kind of progressive play date.

The Orange County-born and educated Stefani has two young children of her own with English singer Gavin Rossdale. She has recently moved decisively into activist philanthropy, donating $1 million to aid children touched by the recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami. She also has staged a series of online auctions of vintage items from her own fashion forward wardrobe to benefit various children’s causes.

9 Replies to “Gwen Hosting “Family Day” Fundraiser With First Lady Michelle Obama; Guidelines”

  1. I am so happy she has finally come out politically. Someone with her influence can do a lot of good! It’s about time.

  2. I like it better when celebrities do not get involved with politics, whether I support the candidate or not. This is very disappointing to me.

  3. The band has been pretty much openly pro-democrat since 2004, when they appeared on the Rock Against Bush compilation. I like that they are not too political but just enough. Most bands are these days.

  4. Raised Catholic , Self-made millionaire ,entrepeneur, employer, tax payer, parent,. What does Mrs. Gwen Stefani Rosdale have in common with Obama and his policy of spending our chrildrens tax money before they can work.

  5. obama wife showing up at purse party thats all this is I have a friend invited lamb purses and then have to PAY to get close to her…Who’s paying for her flight and hotel while out there? Im sure not Gwen, another example of our president spending taxpayers money. Imagine how many people could have a good meal or buy new school clothes instead of playing with lamb purses….Please

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