Gwen Holds Intimate Performance at Chateau de la Napoule for Viacom

Gwen performed at a private party hosted by Viacom at the historic Chateau de la Napoule in France tonight. She was invited to perform at the vintage castle located near Cannes for Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman which was named “the must-attend event of Cannes Lions” by Page Six.

She shared a stunning photo of herself prior to the show in a new shot by Sophie Muller which had her all dolled up with a high ponytail and black tips. Gwen performed an intimate acoustic show (including a cello!) and treated the audience to “Used To Love You”, “Hollaback Girl”, “Cool”, “What You Waiting For?, “The Sweet Escape” and a couple of surprising song choices including No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” and their cover of “It’s My Life.” Is this a preview of what’s to come on her upcoming tour?

Check out a few clips and photos from the show courtesy of some of the attendees.

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South of France. 💓💓 photo by: Sophie Muller

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  1. I can’t believe she played no doubt songs :0!! I don’t think she will be playing them on the tour will she? How strange!!!

  2. I don’t mind she is doing ND songs without ND but I am worried she will do them on tour when she has all these great new songs (and old solo songs) to choose from. I hope she just did them at this event because people recognize them more.

  3. Ugh I couldn’t even listen to Don’t Speak all the way through. The instrumentals sound crap, almost like karaoke. Sacrilege.
    No doubt is really over if she’s performing don’t speak without the guys.

  4. She looks out of this world gorgeous. What a cool event to perform at too. Don’t Speak is definitely awkward without ND, if she performs these songs on tour I’ll have mixed emotions. Thankful to hear them because I might never hear them live again, but also aware that it’s karaoke. She sounds good though!

  5. Save your comments (select few that defend her to the death) this is pure crap. Can say I’m wrong till the cows come home. But one thing is clear…she has the fame, not the talent for longevity. She needs the others to be a star or else she would be singing Misery not Don’t Speak.

  6. I genuinely don’t understand the outrage against her performing No Doubt songs. No Doubt and their music belongs to Gwen just as much as it belongs to the boys. So if she chooses to perform Don’t Speak, a song SHE wrote by the way, why is that so wrong? She’s allowed to be proud of that and perform it if she wants to, no? The boys have to know about it and be okay with it. They’ve stuck together for 25 years, i’m sure they are able to discuss these things.

    And let’s be honest, it’s not like No Doubt is ever going to be hired for such events. Its going to be Gwen. So when Gwen chooses to use Don’t Speak instead of simply using highlights of her solo career, I actually appreciate the acknowledgement of ND since that IS where she got her start.

  7. Guys remember that at this point the guys are committed to a new band. They are no longer waiting on Gwen AND they’d probably be too busy to accompany Gwen on these events. That being said, it’s unlikely they’ll reunite as often as before. So (for me personally and only for the aforementioned reasons), it does make sense that Gwen carries the torch and selects a few ND songs to play live. Even on tour.

  8. I think she just performed those ND songs because who ever payed millions for this private event had some say in song choice, and this was just a fluke thing. I REALLY don’t think she will be playing any ND songs on the “TRUTH” tour!!

  9. At private events she does do more old songs but on her tour she will be doing a lot of the new ones since most people going know the new stuff, and she did ask what we wanted to hear. As long as she does ” Cool” I’m good.
    Clips are great and I think she sounds extra good.
    That black and white photo is beyond gorgeous and if I were her I would have that enlarged and on my wall, it is sooo artistic.

  10. Maybe she will incorporate a couple ND hits during her tour or a medley or something….although, I think she has enough solo material we would like to hear instead. Whatever, it’s her choice and it’s quite common for solo artists who came from a band or group to do this (Stevie Nicks, Rob Thomas, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, etc). It is certainly weird to see/hear though…but at least Stephen and Gab are there? I guess…

      1. I hadn’t noticed. I thought I’ve seen him in some of the TV performances. She had an amazing band during her two previous solo tours. I’m guessing the budget for this tour isn’t great…

        1. No surprise when album sales and ticket sales aren’t great either. I still don’t understand why they didn’t send her on a small club tour. This whole album/era is supposed to be so personal and intimate, a small club tour would have made so much sense.

      2. Gabe had previously committed to Tegan and Sara for their upcoming world tour, which runs from July to September. He was, however, ever present for all the TIWTTFL promo appearances, as was Pink basssist Eva Gardner, up until the RDMAs. Prior to that, Gabe left to join T & S for tour rehearsals, and Gardner left to rejoin Pink for her promo rounds for “Just Like Fire”. Gwen didn’t confirm her tour plans till quite late in the game, so it’s understandable that she couldn’t tie them down for the long term earlier than she did the rest of the band. The current tour line-up has been in place since the Radio Disney performance.

        1. Also, it’s not so much that the tour was announced late, but rather that she didn’t have concrete plans (read: advanced planning) put in place early enough to secure: A. preferred band members B. preferred/appropriately-sized venues and locations. C. opening acts (apart from Eve).

          When you decide/plan late, then you’re left with limited options. As has been reported variously, there is about a 20-30% increase in the number of NA concert tours running this summer compared to last. This is the reason why several notable tours, including Gwen’s, are suffering slower than expected ticket sales. Other tours that were well-planned in advanced, however, have adjusted accordingly to the anticipated summer glut. For example, Rihanna’s Anti Tour, was booked into 10-15,000 capacity venues, down from her usual of 20-25,000 (and even then, her ticket sell-through has been at 80-90%). In fact, Rihanna is just one of nearly 20 acts that have downsized venues for this summer.

          So why is Gwen left trying to fill 20-25,000 capacity venues then? I’m guessing it’s because that was what was left available, considering how many other artists/groups had already booked up most of the feasible smaller venues. This would also explain the somewhat iffy location spread of the tour, e.g. no Manhattan shows (where she would have had a chance to possibly sell out 1 or 2 dates) and instead multiple shows in some cities where she would not be expected to sell as easily.

          Bear in mid though, if she manages to sell 50% of these large arenas, that would be represent about 10,000 tickets per venue, which actually equates to Rihanna numbers for this summer. See that however you will.

          Other major artists “stuck” with larger venues this summer have adjusted to the tour glut by opting to pool resources and star in double bills. Notably, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas have teamed up, where if it were any other summer, they probably would have toured solo. For some dates, they are even on a triple bill with Mike Posner.

          I really wish she’d add some solid opening acts, like she did for her previous two tours (Black Eyed Peas, MIA, Akon, Shirley Manson, Sean Kingston, One Republic, etc.), but it’s almost getting too late for that. I like Eve, but tbh, she’s no longer a major draw that could help boost ticket sales in a significant way. It could still be Eve and one other opener, like what Coldplay are doing this summer. They have Alessia Cara (“Here”, “Wild Things”) as the main opener, and one other act that opens before her. And that’s for Coldplay who are in some stops of their tour trying to fill the same sized venues as Gwen (e.g. The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas).

  11. After just hearing about the boys in the studio, I become more turned off with this performance. She could be recording a “rock+pop+dance+synth+guitar+new wave” album with the boys which sounds totally badass, but instead she’s playing corporate parties for rich people. So much of this solo career has been corporate-centric and I get as an older artist you need all the help you can get, but it sucks to wonder if she distanced herself from the boys as a business move, to help her sell. P&S didn’t do well, it feels like she abandoned ship in favor of a solo act with better marketing opportunities.

    1. I think it’s possible to love and support both projects. But if you feel inclined to choose one over the other, that’s certainly your prerogative.

      I do agree though that “rock+pop+dance+synth+guitar+new wave” sounds like exactly the sort on record Gwen should be making with No Doubt (it actually sounds like the rock elements of TK/ROS and the dance elements of RS combined into one record). So it’s confusing that we (and apparently Gwen as well) were somehow lead to believe that the Davey Havok project was going to be a raw punk rock record or something along those lines. Based on some of her interviews, she seemed to believe that they wanted to do “boy” stuff that was testosterone driven (and maybe with a male lead, this will be that).

      On the other hand, when she first went solo, she said a solo record would allow her to explore more fun “girly” stuff. So, when she said in the recent Rolling Stones interview that she and Tony had grown apart “musically” – I originally assumed this had to do with genre and productions concerns – I’m now thinking this might have more to do with the aforementioned boy/girl dichotomy and the all-important matter of subject and lyrical content. Maybe, just maybe, it’s possible that Tony no longer feels like he wants to record the soundtrack to the ongoing “girly” confessions of Gwen’s tumultuous love life? Maybe he’s just grown a little tired of making music that tells HER story, not his or the guys?

      If this be the case, I could understand why they would want to record something that for once distinctly reflects their own creative points of view, not Gwen’s over theirs. That tension between Gwen and the band has always previously underscored everything they did, and it actually worked strange wonders for TK, ROS and RS, but by all accounts it grew counterproductive by the time P & S came around.

      Speaking of counterproductive though, it might be counterproductive to blame any one single member for the way things are. It is what is it is. They made the tension work to their benefit in the past, and may yet do so again in the undetermined future. I’m not going to hold my breath, but I’ll choose to remain cautiously hopeful. In the meantime, mindful that the sum of the whole that is No Doubt will always be greater than the individual parts, I’m still grateful to receive new music from those individual parts. It’s not bad at all, in fact a lot better than the majority of crap that’s played on mainstream radio, and it’s certainly better than nothing.

      One other concern that Gwen has alluded to is the creative process itself. She has mentioned that the songwriting process with No Doubt is a slow one. On the other hand, she felt compelled to put out the current record in as close to real time as possible. So, apart from genre or lyrical content, I seriously doubt the boys would have settled for putting out a record in the sort of time frame Gwen had in mind for TIWTTFL. All that considered, without blaming one or the other, I think it’s for the best they work separately for the present. For them, not for us of course.

  12. Mick Jagger’s daughter model Georgia May Jagger went to Truth tour rehearsal? I’m a big Stones fan! Wondering what that’s all about!

    Despite her icon father, she still fangirls over other music stars:

    “I spent the day with Gwen Stefani the other day,” she revealed. “She is amazing. I never met her before and she was super nice. I got to watch her run through, she is about to go on tour. That was really cool.”

  13. Don’t forget this is a highly personal album for her and a cathartic process to pick herself off the ground given what she was going thru. It got her thru the toughest times to focus on her writing and the music and move away from the grief. She said she didn’t care if it sold a lot, it got her out of bed and into the studio.

    This is a very concert heavy summer and Fall, so many to choose from. Some new seats will be bought from the Ticketmaster rebate available to be used at some concerts and Gwen’s was one of them.

  14. At these corporate concerts the artists always do their material that the varied audience would be the most familiar with. I have been to some and they add a few new songs but always the majority are audience familiar ones.

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