Gwen Holding Special Meet and Greet Event Nov. 24 at The Grove (Updated)


Hundreds of fans had the opportunity to meet with Gwen and were able to snap a special photo this past Friday at The Grove in Los Angeles. Gwen shimmered in a gold mini matched with black boots and her signature slick pony and red lips. She looked incredible and couldn’t have been more gracious with everyone she met.

A special pop-up shop was also available on-site and featured new holiday items (which have also been added to her official store) including a sweater, socks, hoodies, thermals, stockings, gloves and a beanie. Check out more from the event which Gwen shared on her Instagram.

M&G & pop up shop today at @thegrovela! 🎄 So cute ❤️ gx #YouMakeItFeelLikeChristmas

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#wheniwasalittlegirl #youmakeitfeellikechristmas @thegrovela gx

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❤️@thegrovela gx #youmakeitfeellikechristmas gx

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Photo courtesy of Gwen Stefani

Gwen has announced that she will be holding a special meet-and-greet event happening at The Grove in Los Angeles on (Black) Friday, November 24, at 5:00PM. Fans will need to purchase her new album You Make It Feel Like Christmas from the Barnes & Noble store located at The Grove to obtain a wristband needed to meet Gwen. Fans will not only be able to meet her, but will also be able to take a photo and receive a signed CD booklet. She will also be selling limited merchandise at the event and a gift-wrapping station will be available, too.

Here are the full details and instructions how to get in courtesy of The Grove.

Meet Gwen Stefani
November 24, 2017

Ring in the holidays with Gwen Stefani! Join us underneath the Christmas Tree in The Park at 5pm to celebrate the release of her new album. When you purchase You Make It Feel Like Christmas, you’ll meet Gwen, have a photo snapped, and receive a signed CD booklet. Enjoy holiday delights, Gwen Stefani’s pop-up shop and gift wrap station.

Event entry requires a wristband. To receive one, purchase You Make It Feel Like Christmas from Barnes & Noble at The Grove on the day of the event. Wristbands will be distributed with purchase. Limited availability. While supplies last. (The Grove LA)

We encourage fans to line-up early to obtain your wristband — such an exciting and festive opportunity to meet Gwen!

25 Replies to “Gwen Holding Special Meet and Greet Event Nov. 24 at The Grove (Updated)”

  1. It would be cool if she would maybe do a tiny tour—just a few Holiday shows in the major cities where she just did the Christmas songs only. Seems like it create some buzz. Ok maybe 1-2 hits cause I mean, cmon

  2. Is anyone going to this? I’m wondering how crazy it will be. Is it gonna be like a big camp out the night of thanksgiving? Or will it be ok to arrive Friday morning? Not sure how big this will be

    1. Anyone interested in going with me??? I’m in North Orange County. Thinking of going super early on the 24th, or is that wishful thinking? I don’t want to camp over night but would love to meet Gwen!

  3. It’s a dream that one day I’ll get to meet Gwen-I live in the UK though!
    I wonder how much of a big deal this will be, I would definitely be camping out the night before!

  4. Man I want to do this too!! but not sure I can do an overnight thing. I have feeling it will be crazy. I would love to meet up some fellow no doubters.

  5. To the people who are talking about camping overnight, it’ll be highly unnecessary. The reason for this is because you would have to get out of line to go to Barnes and noble to buy the CD and they probably don’t open till 10 and then they won’t let you start lining up in the park until later.

    1. Barnes and Noble at the Grove opens at 9 am. There actually (likely) might be a line forming outside BN, since the wrist bands will be limited in quantity (ditto for the number of CDs stocked). The mechanics for this event is similar to others held at the Grove in the past, and I’ve personally seen lines form in front of BN (albeit modest ones, though none I recall involving anyone with anything close to Gwen’s name recognition). I’d be keeping an eye on store opening times, since the 24th is Black Friday, which means some stores might open as early as midnight. Will also monitor Twitter, as that will tell us what certain segments of the fan base are planning for this event. The key I believe is to secure a wrist band in the morning, as that guarantees entry to the meet/greet. The second line that forms ahead of the 5 pm event start time should be of somewhat lesser importance, as all that determines is who gets to meet Gwen earlier or later in the evening. You’d still probably want to get in line early, say between 3-4 pm, but I’m pretty sure no one with a legit band will be turned away. I hope she surprises everyone by performing a few songs later in the evening. 🙂

  6. ****Update Barnes and Noble opens at 8am on Friday November 24th 2017. Are some of you guys planning on waiting together?

      1. Hi Nicky, Julie and all planning on attending: Sorry for not posting this earlier, but I had some last minute changes to my Thanksgiving plans and I wasn’t sure if I’d be attending. Turns out I will be attending after all. I’m not in Los Angeles atm though, but I’m planning on heading back at midnight. It’ll be a 4 hour plus drive for me, so looking to arrive back in LA around 4:30 am thereabouts. If anyone is interested in meeting up and doing this together, I’m suggesting we meet at the LA Farmers Market Starbucks at 5 am, which is when it opens (this Starbucks is walking distance to BN, and they’ll probably validate Farmers Market parking). We’ll be looking at a 3 hour wait till BN opens at 8. Note, however, that fans waited overnight outside Target in NY for the meet & greet there, even though it was snowing! I checked on Twitter, and some fans are planning on waiting overnight outside BN for this (hard to say what the numbers will be, but for the Christmas Special Taping, there were probably close to 3,000 fans in line and the theater capacity was 2,000). I’m guessing they’ll give out something like 300-500 bands, otherwise Gwen will end up having to be there all night. Based on my personal situation, 5 am is the best I can do though, and hopefully that’ll be enough. Those of you who do not want to leave this to chance, might actually want to consider doing the overnight thing. As for me, I’ll wait from 5 to about 5:15 am at the aforementioned Starbucks. I’ll place something No Doubt related on my table to identify myself, in case anyone decides they want to meet up. If nobody shows by 5:15, I’ll head off to BN. If anyone is going to be late, just head directly to BN. Other than that, leave a message here, and we can all check back in the morning. Best of luck to those going, and Happy Thanksgiving!

        1. I appreciate your post. I am unfortunately not going to make it tomorrow. Fyi, on The Grove’s Facebook it said that B and N said they are giving out 250 bands.

          1. Julie – Sorry you’re going to miss this. Thank you very much for the info, re: bands.

            Nicky & co. – If you read this, please scrap my earlier Starbucks suggestion. A 5 am meet is probably going to be too late. As Julie notes, they’re only giving away 250 bands. And per twitter, there are already 100 in line there, and it’s just midnight. I recommend that you try to get in line as soon as you can. I’m heading back to LA now and will still give it a go, but the time and numbers are not in my favor. I hope the rest of you manage to get bands though.

  7. I am tempted to wait overnight coming from Venice beach anyone else in? Love to meet other no doubters! I’ll bring spiked cider!

  8. Too bad no one had a clue on what was going on down there. So many ppl were left out, more than were let in. unorganized unprofessional.

    1. Totally agree! I actually tink the problem was The Grove because two youtubers I foloow had meets up there and The Grove appears to be very strict on how many fans they want there.

  9. Oops didnt read previous post
    I was in line, however Barnes and Noble had already given out all the wrist bands. I was so sad because I was informed that 300 fore certain and 200 maybe’s. After employees informed me and others there were no more wrist bands I drive home and ate half a pint of ice cream. I was going to drive back but i was unsure if they would allow more people in and also i was really sad. Now Im mad at myself after reading Barnes and Noble allowed 50 more people in later. wtf! I hope to meet Gwen one day, maybe if she goes on tour again??

  10. and if you look at the picture gallery for the event, there were over 400 pictures taken….such a bummer. I was there at 4 am and was also turned away when they cut the line off at 250…..My 7 year old was so disappointed. Hopefully there will be another opportunity to meet her = (

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