4 thoughts on “Gwen Headed to London for Westfield Christmas Lights Celebration

  1. Is anyone else from the site planning on going here? 😀
    I have booked train tickets so I can see Gwen perform…
    I would do anything to win the VIP tickets, I feel like there’s a good chance with 40 pairs being given away but I suppose it depends how many people have entered! Exciting anyway <3

    1. Amazing performance by Gwen @Westfield! Hope you had fun, Jam! She also killed it on the BBC The One Show, and now the album is up to #18 on UK iTunes (+99 positions)!

  2. Yeeeehaw! :p We finally get the version of YMIFLC we want and deserves (sans Blake, lol, sorry mate!):


    Fantastic performance from Gwen! Free from the confines of the duet format, she really lets loose. Great verve and and energy, super fun. The duet version is fine for the US I suppose, since America loves country and loves Blake, but she really should release a solo single version ( recorded half-a-step up) for the UK and the rest of the world. =)

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