Gwen: "Harajuku Lovers Is Like A Never-Ending Art Project!"


We posted a couple days ago about the upcoming limited edition Snow Bunny bottles from Harajuku Lovers fragrance coming in September, but posted a little more information about the limited line, featuring the same scents but different bottles, and a really cute quote from Gwen basically clearing up that Harajuku Lovers isn’t going anywhere and “is like a never-ending art project!” Now I just wish we had some answers about the official website…

The fragrances will be hitting Sephora’s, Nordstrom, and Macy’s.

The Harajuku girls are coming back this fall with new outfits. The girls will be dressed for the winter with snow and ski outfits. The fragrances will remain unchanged. Gwen Stefani told WWD that she “loved the idea of the girls going skiing, snowboarding, sledding and having hot chocolate.”

“We brainstormed lots of ideas, but Snow Bunnies just felt and looked right, since it was coming out during the winter season,” said Stefani, noting the scents remain the same.

“I loved the idea of the girls going skiing, snowboarding, sledding and having hot chocolate. Every season we create new versions of the girls, so you’ll always see lots of changes over time. One of my favorite things about this collection is that the possibilities are endless,” said Stefani. “The Harajuku Girls can go anywhere and be and do anything. We are always developing new artwork and graphics. The brand has an underlying sense of fun and whimsy and a Pop Art sensibility that is always evolving. Harajuku Lovers is like a never-ending art project!”

The Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies will be available in September in 10 ml for $30 each. There will also be a set available that retails for $100.

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  1. HL is successful because it is current like other urban art/post grafitti designers projects, we all know Gwen does not make these cute tags, logos, etc, but she had the vision.The fact is accessable will make it long- lasting.

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