Gwen For L’Oreal Superior Hair Preference

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Thanks to our lovely Anne for finding and sharing with everyone — check out Gwen’s new print ad for L’Oreal Superior Hair Preference! She looks absolutely stunning! Gwen is currently endorsing the Extra Light Ash Blonde LBO1 shade. She filmed her new campaign in late January of this year, and even Tweeted some photos from behind the scenes of her latest campaign’s commercial. Access Hollywood even shared some footage from the set of well on air. We can’t wait to see more and her commercial should be debuting soon!

This print ad is not from her latest campaign, but actually another shot from her previous Superior Hair Preference shoot. They seemed to have altered her dress color (originally was gold, now black). So, technically, we still are waiting for her new campaign!

You can find Gwen’s latest ad in the April edition of Cosmopolitan.

Click here to see the bigger version!

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