Gwen Finds Collaborating The “Only Way” For Her To Make New Music


In a new interview with Yahoo Music, Gwen discusses how making music has changed for her since having children and how plans for her have slowed down.

Gwen says that she wouldn’t have made a comeback on her own and credits a lot of her inspiration to Pharrell Williams, calling him ““the best producer/songwriter of our generation.” Gwen finds making music different now than before having her children. She’s always been vocal about having family and marriage come first before everything else and says, “it’s just different once you have a baby. There’s no way to go back to having the freedom that you had creatively, because your energy is always going to be focused on the kids.” She talks about how different it was for her recording her debut solo album in 2004 and calls it a “magical time”. She finds collaborating the “only way” to make music now and says it’s the only way she was able to record a new album on her own. “… Because I have all these talented writers and all these incredible people helping me, I’ve been able to do it. So I feel more grateful then ever.” Gwen still feels extremely grateful to be putting out new music still after all these years and calls “Spark The Fire” a gift.

On working with “Baby Don’t Lie” producer Benny Blanco, Gwen says that she first approached him with wanting to collaborate with No Doubt. While working in the studio with the band, Gwen became pregnant with third son Apollo and recording came to a stop. She admits before they went on break again that things were not flowing as naturally as they had in the past with songwriting and found it to be a “struggle”. “… It was quite hard; sometimes when you’re writing, things just happen and it flows, and then other times you have to really struggle. And it felt kind of struggle-y. And then I got pregnant and then I got really sick with the pregnancy, so I didn’t continue in the studio. And then The Voice called right after I had the baby. So I couldn’t really do No Doubt.”

After signing on for season seven of The Voice, Gwen was determined to put out music however and realized that there wasn’t enough time for No Doubt to release new material. “… I wanted to do new music while I was on the show, so that’s when I went in with Benny. I’d just had the baby and I was on The Voice set, so he would start songs and send them to me, I would work on them, back-and-forth via email. Then he would come to my house and we would record upstairs, because I was nursing. It was crazy, trying to make it happen.” Reports over the last few months had Gwen releasing her new album this month, but she alludes to changing the plan and slowing the pace to focus more on writing. “I didn’t always have a plan — even the label was like, ‘Look, it doesn’t have to be a whole record, it could be a couple songs. It could be someone else’s songs.’ Who knows what the record will actually end up being? I had this whole schedule together at first, but I’m kind of undoing it, because I feel like, why am I rushing it so fast? I don’t really want to rush it. So now I’m kind of slowing down and thinking I want to go back in and do a few more writing sessions, just to fill out the record and make it a little bit more personal. I don’t really know what’s going to happen.”

When asked if she’s interested in coming back to The Voice for another season, Gwen says that she would love to if asked again. She found the show perfect for her and “amazingly inspiring”.

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  1. She is so right. When you have a child EVERYTHING changes. She has her priorities where they should be, I am so glad he expresses her family comes first because at the end of the day all that matters is them.

  2. The whole article on the Yahoo site is even better. I like she’s taking her time and back on the studio and should take all the time she needs to make it more personal like she said.

    Also loving her attitude “I’ve been riding this cloud for a while. I’ve been on this high, and I just don’t want to come down. I don’t want anyone to try to bring me down from it.”

  3. Really cool interview! I’m glad she has decided to slow down the process of her album.

    I like what she said about STF and where she’s at right now. It’s a great song imo.

  4. I think she’s changing (changed) most all the album (all those pics of her and Pharrell on studio last month). Also she should do one last tour include Asia, South America, don’t know about how big she is in Australia, Europe.

    I love this “To put out ‘Spark the Fire’ is such a gift. It just feels very precious, because this is not the beginning of my career. So it feels like anything at this point is beyond icing on the cake. I’m so grateful that anyone even would listen.”
    While I’m sure she will be extremely happy to have a hit, at this point for her is more about how much fun she’s having and enjoying this stage of her professional and personal life and that’s ok with me as a fan.

  5. Jossy, sad to say, but the only way a Gwen concert here in Brazil (South America) would happen, would be a small festival set. She does not have the caliber (here) anymore to sold out a concert.

  6. So to sum up: lack of inspiration + hurry to release something = Baby Don’t Lie and Spark The Fire. As some of us had already noticed.

  7. I’m not trying to be a downer, I’m just very logical/realistic—– she keeps dropping hints that an album may not even come out. I personally don’t think she’s going to release a full length album—— this “era” is simply her on the voice and releasing a few singles just for fun, to see what would happen. If one of the singles would’ve hit then I think she was down to put out an album and that was the rush and that’s why she’s slowing down now. I think we’ll get the soundtrack song, ND will play there scheduled dates, and maybe less then two years ND music. Don’t attack me, I’m not saying anything bad. I think most fans get blinded by potentially new music/a new “era” cuz we haven’t had a proper one in soooo long—- but I think we have seen most of it….maybe she’ll release one more single, but would interscope pay another video if she’s gonna release singles? Or a mini EP

  8. I’m starting to feel the same Bob. Especially now that she’s talking about “slowing down.” In ND, that has always been code for “hiatus” LOL I don’t anticipate anything with ND either – besides a few shows here or there in the next couple years. And before people scream at us for being “negative” – it’s not that at all. It’s just years of experience being a fan 😉

  9. Yeah I agree with you guys. We know we’ll get “Shine” around Christmas and if this song (with the help of the “Paddington” hype) also doesn’t go anywhere, I don’t think there will be an album. Maybe they will try “Together” then, but that’s about it. Just look at all the stuff they already did for BDL and STF (stuff that should’ve been done for just ONE single) and still both songs didn’t go anywhere. I agree that by now we’ve probably already seen most of this “comeback”. Gwen will probably play one or two solo shows in 2015, becaus that’s part of her MasterCard campaign and then she’ll just disappear again until she might return to The Voice by the end of 2015. I don’t think a new ND album will be coming out soon.

  10. I would like to see Gwen come back for season 8 and become a regular, I feel as they have a good group of judges, and I like seeing Gwen and Pharrell together.

  11. Well, I speak for myself but I don’t think they’d waste all those songs and keep them to themselves, especially after working with Pharrell, Charli XCX, Sia and Diplo (just to mention some of the artists involved in this project) lol. I’m confident the album will come out soon.

  12. Yeah, well, ND recorded songs last year that have yet to see the light of day. It would not surprise me if a solo album doesn’t happen. And again, I’m not trying to be a downer or “negative”. This is just a pattern that we have seen in the past. Hopefully I’m wrong and the songs she is working on are exciting enough for her to release an album. I’m cool with her just doing random singles or collabs too. Maybe that works best for her life right now. An album is a lot of work! I appreciate what she has done this year though…even if the songs aren’t super amazing.

  13. Well, Gwen wouldn’t be the first artist, whose album gets scrapped. It happens all the time and it happened to artsits, who are a lot bigger than Gwen. U2 scrapped a whole album produced by Danger Mouse, Nicole Scherziner once said that about 5 of her albums got scrapped because the material wasn’t right. Even a whole Prince album got scrapped in the 80s (his long awaited “black album”). Marina, Rihanna and The Ting Tings also had their albums canceled – just like Britney, who recorded a very personal album called “Original Doll”, that the label refused to release. Some of those songs leaked years later. Beyoncé scrappbed about 50 songs before she released her album “Beyoncé”. It happens all the time and I see no reason why it couldn’t happen to Gwen too given the fact that (so far) this whole comeback is a total flop.

    I’m not saying that it will happen and of course I hope it won’t, but I really wouldn’t be surprised, if it happened…

  14. Well said yeahyeahyeah! I’m glad others see it like I do. Plus I dont think me and ndlover have ever seen anything the same lol 🙂

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