Gwen Filming Music Video This Friday

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Hairstylist Jesse Jordan shared on Facebook that he was confirmed to work on Gwen’s upcoming music video shoot happening this Friday! Makeup artist Gregory Arlt also commented on the post saying “see you there”.

Various reports have been circulating concerning “Baby Don’t Lie” and it’s release date. Though the single had been sent to radio previously, it was never confirmed by Gwen or her management when exactly fans would be hearing it. Some are now saying it might be delayed or another single might be on the way instead. A source close to us said that things are more than likely being coincided with The Voice and Gwen’s manager even confirmed that she will eventually be performing on the show to promote her new single. He also mentioned how Gwen was still deciding her lead track from her upcoming album.

On September 21, reports were out that Gwen was filming her music video for “Baby Don’t Lie” with Sophie Muller in Los Angeles.

Photo courtesy of No Doubt (“Push and Shove”).

12 Replies to “Gwen Filming Music Video This Friday”

  1. I wonder if they were really shooting the video a few weeks ago… The source was the Daily Mail? Not sure if that’s a reliable source… Anyway they could have changed their mind about the lead single. So exciting! I wonder if Together with Calvin Harris will be the 1st single.

  2. Not sure if that report from the Daily Mail is reliable… but hey they probably changed their minds about the lead single and are now shooting the video? I wonder if it will be the Calvin Harris’s song since it has been finished a few weeks ago…

    (Oops! I was typing my email wrong)

  3. Getting kinda tired of the guessing game by now… Just release something already lol. Maybe they just had to re-shoot additional scenes for the BDL video. Kristen said on Twitter that BDL will probably still be the first single and that they just pushed it back.

  4. YYY, remember that we were not supposed to know about the song yet. I think it would be worse if they had released the single and then call it “buzz” only because this was not well received.

  5. It seems to be for a different song. If you read this guy Jesse’s older tweets, you can se he already did hair on one video in September and then got booked for “another” one.

  6. So is it really Sophie Muller? That’s kind of a bummer. I like her work a lot, but I would love for Gwen to go outside of the box and try some new hairstyles/colors, directors, clothes etc for this new era. Really come out with a bang!

  7. Wow, so there really are two video already? Can’t wait to see what she’ll release as first single eventually, but personally I’d still prefer BDL to be honest. I don’t know if a Calvin Harris collaboration would be a good lead single. It sure worked for Rihanna with “We found love”, but that was years ago before Calvin was everywhere and before he had worked with (almost) everybody.

  8. The plot thickens….
    I don’t understand this whole coordinating with the voice thing. You’d think they’d want to premier the studio version of the track first, then a live performance after. This approach seems backwards. But maybe that’s just me

  9. Guys,

    We got pumped up and excited due to the DJ leaking the news. Let’s not think about the single until
    We get official confirmation from Gwen herself or if it drop unexpectedly.

  10. gwen never confirms anything, nor her managers, so we cant depend on them. u can look at her baby apolos, she never confirmed. just said “sorrounded by boys.” s***s.

  11. Maybe she is looking ahead at a busy The Voice schedule, made two videos, will release one right away, and keep the other one ready while she has down time, knowing that if she did it later, it’d be rushed.

    Get 2 out of the way now, clears up her schedule 2 months from now. Videos can be 3 full long days– hard to do when you’re working on a TV show, etc.

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