Gwen Featured on New Eminem Track “Kings Never Die” (Updated)


It’s been revealed that Gwen is featured on Eminem’s new track titled “Kings Never Die” that is set to be included on the upcoming Southpaw movie soundtrack. The song appears as the second track on the album and is set to be released on July 24 courtesy of Shady Records. “Kings Never Die” is said to be produced by DJ Khalil which Gwen was photographed in the studio with in April 2014. The New Royales (DJ Khalil and Chin Injeti) Tweeted out that they had written the song alongside Eminem and Gwen.

Some sources are reporting that “Kings Never Die” is set to hit radio at some point (possibly as the second single). The soundtrack is available to pre-order on iTunes now and “Kings Never Die”‘s length is listed at 4:56.

“Kings Never Die” is said to be included in upcoming trailers for the film and will be featured over the ending credits.

Southpaw is “an upcoming 2015 American sports drama thriller film directed by Antoine Fuqua and written by Kurt Sutter. The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, and Rachel McAdams.” The film is set to hit theaters everywhere on the same day the soundtrack is released.

Eminem has always been a fan of Gwen so we’re excited to hear more about the collaboration.

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110 Replies to “Gwen Featured on New Eminem Track “Kings Never Die” (Updated)”

  1. Whoa! That’s quite a big deal! I wonder if this song will be the movie’s title track. Remember how Eminem asked Gwen to ‘pee-pee’ on him in his song Ass Like That? Kinda awkward that they did a song togerher now lol.

  2. Meh! I’d rather see her collaborating with new artists like Frank Ocean or Kendrick Lamar. But hey… I’m keeping an open mind. At least they’re throwing us another bone while we’re waiting.

  3. Could you imagine if they did this in 2002? It’d be HUGE. I hope they both can use this track to reclaim some radio-share. They both deserve it for being so talented.

  4. This is a good thing, eminem is talented and I’m sure this film will be a big success. I’m excited to hear this!!!

  5. The album is on preorder on iTunes US. The song is 4:56 min long. I guess it will be available in the USA 1st, because it’s the soundtrack for a movie.

  6. Oh my god, I agree with Mark and most of you guys eminem is completely AWFUL!! I cant believe in going to say this but if rather have ‘start the fire part 2’!! Eminems music has always been for immature 8th grade lil boys who wanna stick it to there mothers. This news truly makes me sad.

  7. Just last year he rapped about raping iggy azaelia, was homophobic twards Anderson Cooper — I’m a HUGE hip hop fan but Eminem is completely vile and disgusting. I dont care how big he is or how ‘big’ this can be for Gwen. I wonder how Marshall would feel or react if someone said anything remotely offensive about Ms. Hayley Mathers. Gwen passed on working with him in the past, why now? Completely disapointed

  8. I dont mean to be hyper sensitive but for today in the USA to be such a historic day for the LGBT and then have my favorite artist collaborating with such a homophobe … Its just so bitter sweet

    1. I hate saying anything negative but I agree with you bob. It was a huge milestone for the lgbt community yesterday and eminen has been a huge homophobe at least in public. No doubt passed on allowing him to sample “don’t speak” in the past and for good reason. His image and public persona is so immature. I truly don’t know why Gwen agreed to this. Especially after the whole bounty killer fiasco. Nonetheless I gag for anything Gwen and will support her and the song. I’m a loyal fan

  9. I am looking forward to it because it’s new music and is being released as a single so it has the potential to do well! I’m not a big Eminem fan either but hey I’ll take it over nothing.

  10. That’s a very short clip considering it’s nearly a five minute song but it sounds like it has potential to be a good song!

  11. Sounds like another typical Eminem track. I’m afraid of hearing Gwen in the mix tbh, but this may sound interesting. I really hope Gwen’s part is powerful enough.

  12. Wow, you guys can tell all that from a 30 second sample? I think the truth is some of you aren’t going to like it simply because it’s Eminem. I will judge when the entire song is released.

  13. Not at all, if a song is good I’ll say its good, no matter my personal feelings towards the artist. I never said he didn’t have any good music. I was at least just hoping for it to be an upbeat song that would sound more radio friendly for hip hop stations.

  14. What we have heard so far seems to be one tiny snippet from Eminem’s first verse, so who knows how the rest of the song will sound? I’m sure Gwen’s part will be more pop-ish and radio friendly since she will most likely sing the hook.

  15. I hope it’s good enough, but I’m not holding my breath. And yeah Amanda I don’t give a damn about Eminem. Is the guy talented? Yes. Do I like a couple of his songs? Yes. Is this the most randomest collaboration ever? True. That said, it’ll be just another song for a soundtrack. I’m sure we’ll all survive.

  16. I’m with BOB. I’m pretty torn about this. No level of supposed talent can excuse such blatant unapologetic homophobia. I know homophobia is still very alive and well within the hip hop world but many are speaking out against it (Frank Ocean, Tyler, Pharrell, just to name a few) so at this point for Gwen to chose to work with Eminem just seems retroactive and distasteful. I know a lot of fans are just happy for Gwen’s success but personally I think it’s important to realize at what cost.

    This is one of my favorite t-shirts and I wear it proudly:

  17. I don’t really know why artists like Elton John, Sia, Pink or even Gwen would associate with him if he truly is homophobic. I certainly don’t agree with certain words he uses in music.

  18. I wonder how Gwen felt about Ass Like That song, though. She probably told him that he’s nuts and laughed it off.

  19. Yes, his whole career has been based on shocking people. He likes to ruffle feathers. He has spoken in support of equality though. I think the backlash he received years ago opened his eyes to some things and I think his friendship with Elton John helped him too. He just needs to stop rationalizing the use of certain derogatory terms.

  20. Aside from the gay slurs he still raps about raping women. And its not like its just something he did early in his career and since stopped. He STILL does it. He’s a flat out fucking idiot. Like I said before if someone said anything remotely offensive towards his daughter Hayley I wonder how he would react or feel. Pink, sia, Elton John are fools too

  21. I understand he ‘ruffles feathers’ and ‘shocks’ but if he’s so ‘talented’ to still resort to vile antics truly shows how big of a fool he is. My opinion

  22. Well, don’t just stop with them. You might as well say Gwen is a fool too if that’s your opinion. I can’t remember who, but at least one rapper did take shots at his daughter and of course he wasn’t pleased about it. Anyway, I suggest you don’t buy the single then if you feel so strongly about it. And you have every right to do that.

  23. LAMB, how can you say this is a better song than STF if you haven’t even heard Gwen’s part? Really? *facepalm*

  24. @amanda g, you’re 100% right, and Gwen is on that list in my opinion, I just didn’t list her thinking it was a given since were talking about her collaboration with him.

  25. @J: Sorry if that’s how you feel. Personally I’m a fan of that track. Still much better than Baby Don’t Lie.

  26. Well I personally have always been torn about Eminem I’m gay myself and some of the things he raps about are so vile yes but there is no denying his talent “Monster” was a great song lose yourself is his beat song imo…

  27. Lose Yourself is a fantastic song. His talent is undeniable – even if you don’t like him. I have high hopes for this track, but we will see!

  28. Eminem is an asshole and his music sucks. And Gwen doesn’t care about her reputation anymore. That’s all I have to say. *The End*

  29. Talent is subjective. Sure he has rapping ‘skills’, but the content of them is not only disgusting but absolutely corny. Example: maybe Gwen will ‘pee pee’ on him in the video Lol

    I’m done with this subject til I hear the whole song, who knows maybe Gwens part is absolutely stellar and carries the whole song

  30. Interesting, earlier you said he had some good songs. He has plenty of songs in his catalog that are not corny or disgusting. But like I’ve said before, some just don’t like him period and won’t like this collaboration and that’s fine. I wonder if Gwen knew when she accepted this gig that fans would be so angry or torn over it haha I don’t remember people getting this worked up over the Bounty Killer collab.

  31. Or a perfect example is last Saturdays song on BSO, “Ache”, like you said the music is great but lyrics where cheesy

  32. Not really the same since Ache is one of my least favorite songs and I rarely listen to it. I wouldn’t classify it as “good.”

  33. Ok well I had said the music was great and I really liked her voice but the lyrics were STUPID, none the less I still like the song.

    By the way we can applaud ourselves No Doubters for having this discussion with strong opinions without calling each other names or put downs

  34. Obviously some people have already decided to hate this song after they read Eminem’s name… It’s funny that Gwen’s collaborations with Snoop, Busy Signal, Bounty Killer and Dr. Dre haven’t received the same amount of criticism since all of these artists have also had homophobic lyrics in their songs and have also made homophobic/transphobic remarks in public/on the internet. Nobody cares, though…

    I guess some fans believe that certain artists just aren’t “good enough” for Gwen. It was the same when her collaboration with M5 was announced last year… Some fans just never gave this song a chance either.

  35. I think that’s what it boils down to YYY. Some fans may not purchase the song because of Eminem (and that’s fine), but I don’t see how it will hurt her reputation as a whole. This is a pretty big deal for her career resurrection – especially if it’s a single. It doesn’t guarantee that it’ll be hit, but it will definitely get sales because of his name. I’m happy for her and I think it is a wise career move. Hopefully the song is good!!

  36. Eminem has had more public backlash through out the years than all of those artist combined. Very high profile. Hip hop is embedded with offensive lyrics. But I think even beyond this fan site and aside from this collaboration, the public in general have strong feelings about Eminem because he really does take his lyrics to another level. But I do see what your saying and I do see some truth in it as well

  37. @NDLOVERS reply to @batcaver LOL! I have a strong feeling we would get along very well… Anyway back to the song every Eminem fan is saying he probably purchase the song with her hook already on it and just rapped over it I guess from what I read on some rap fan site specifically about the song is that’s the way he buys his music now and I just thought that was pretty interesting and alot of artists don’t even know they are working with him until he buys the track…god my grammar is horrible:)

  38. iv listened to the snippet and it doesnt sound as bad as stf and was was few seconds, so it might be ok

  39. @D Yes, that’s how Eminem got “The Monster”. This is what Wiki says about its background:

    “In November 2012, singer Bebe Rexha was at Stadium Red studio in Harlem, New York working on a material to be included in her debut studio album. During the sessions Rexha stated that she “was in a really dark place, a dark head space. Figuring out where you are in life and trying to make shit work for yourself—it gets to you. You get super down on yourself. I was just trying to get out of a depressed phase.” […]
    The Senior Director of A&R for Shady Records, Riggs Morales started looking for potential songs to be included on Eminem’s eighth studio album. When the producer of “The Monster”, Frequency played the song for Morales he “freaked out” and asked for the verses to be stripped and ProTools sessions to be sent to Eminem. When Eminem heard the demo he then added his own verses and adjusted the instrumental of the track, however, he left out the background vocals sung by Rexha.”

    Maybe KND has the same background story.

  40. Amanda, the thing with Bounty Killer is that No Doubt didn’t do any research about his background back in the day. The backlash only started when BK decided to act all stupid when the Hey Baby video came out and the line “The way you rock your hips you know it amaze me” coincided with Adrian’s full frontal. Way to act all sensitive for no reason.

    According to wikipedia: Young’s full frontal on the rings, shown during Bounty Killer’s line “The way you rock your hips, you know that it amaze me,” was controversial. Bounty Killer’s rival Beenie Man stated that “the video portray Bounty as a gay. That is a Jamaican artist, and that can’t gwan in a dancehall, no way.” Bounty Killer cancelled his performances with No Doubt because of the incident, stating that “they did not understand because they are from America and they accept gay people … If Jamaica is upset, I ain’t going to accept no success that my culture is not proud of.”

  41. NDLOVER, it’s more like fans are picking and choosing who they are offended by and that’s my point.

  42. Yes @Amanda I completely agree I mean at this point who hasn’t gwen collaborated with one I would absolutely love would be Debbie Harry or Steve nicks now that would be amazing I honestly think Gwen is looking for anyway to put herself ba k on the musical map her comeback didnt go as planned both BDL and STF were panned critically and commercially maybe she wants her status back? But yes @YYY IM in that head space now with myself 10 years of a hardcore drug addiction losing everything and I mean everything will do that to you I’d love to know every fans back story and what you all look like I just like to put a name with a face…

  43. If you ask me I still find this such a random collaboration. I mean I can understand Maroon 5, Snoop Dogg or even Calvin Harris but Eminem? After this I can expect her to collaborate with anyone. Maybe Marilyn Manson will be next. LOL If you told Gwen 12 years ago that she’d be collaborating with Eminem in the future she’d probably laugh back at you.

  44. @TheInSneider: Expect to hear EMINEM’s new single with GWEN STEFANI next week in new trailers for SOUTHPAW. “Kings Never Die” plays over the end credits…

  45. ^ That’s pretty cool! I hope there will also be a video for this song. I really hope they don’t screw this up like they did with “Shine”, but at least KND will be available for purchase.

  46. By the way, I really don’t think collaborating with Eminem is more random than collaborating with Calvin, Snoop, Eve, Pharrell or any other hip hop artists Gwen has worked with. Who would’ve thought that ND and Neptunes would work? Or Eve and Gwen? And what kind of conncetion did Gwen and Snoop really have except for some “random” red carpet photos? Or what about Slim Thugg on the Luxurious single version? Some people are just way too fast with their judgement when they don’t like a certain artist. Just look at all the people Gwen worked with on L.A.M.B. and TSE… I remember many fans being furious about Gwen working with Akon and once they heard the song, they said it was good.

    Yeah sure we’d all want Gwen to collaborate only with people like Shirley Manson and Debbie Harry, but obviously that’s not what she wants. Even after all the letdowns, we need to trust her more.

  47. I’m not suprised she collaborated with Em either. He’s a fan and I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. I’m interested to know from one of them how it came about. Has Gwen mentioned anything about this song on social media? I haven’t noticed?

  48. So far this year she has collaborated with alot of people and it just feels like something is missing? The passion I don’t know something is off…

  49. It’s so meh! The last time she was so irrelevant on a feature was on Can I Have It Like That… This will be the 1st time I won’t buy a song she’s featured on…

  50. This is probably huge for Eminem fans but Gwen sounds so irrelevant. I thought she’d stand out more.

  51. Let’s get real the hook isn’t strong enough. It’s nothing compared to the Rihanna collabs. Her voice sounds so off!

  52. I’m always being “real.” I don’t know how to put this nicely, but that’s Rihanna? She’s a much bigger star than Gwen. So yeah, Rihanna will have a more prominent role. I didn’t expect Gwen to have a prominent role on a soundtrack for a boxing movie. I expected her to do the hook and nothing more. This is his usual formula for featured artists unless they are rappers.

  53. Don’t get me wrong. For an Eminem track it sounds nice but that’s it. I can’t hear Gwen here. Even on Can I Have It Like That it was ok-ish. I expected a stronger hook.

  54. I think it’s a good song. I’m a fan of Eminem (mostly of his older material) and it’s a nice surprise to have Gwen on it. Her voice sounds so angelic on the gritty track and it’s got a nice and unique beat, too.

  55. I agree Jenny, I think her voice sounds cool. The track is a little long, but I like it the more I listen to it. I can’t wait to buy it! Thanks for the link McCout.

  56. I didn’t want to comment right away because I didn’t wanna sound biased. I didn’t wanna hate it because I personally dont care for Marshall, or like those who are fans of his who where excited just to know there was a collaboration and would like it because they generally/genuinely like his work. I tried to have it grow on me and give it a fair chance. But i have to say i agree with the comment that if u would’ve told Gwen years ago shed be working with eminem she would’ve laughed. I remember in an interview with Melody Maker they asked her about Eminem and Limp Bizkit (both equally corny to me), and of course she didn’t bash either one but she make it clear saying she “didnt understand it”—- those of us who have religiously followed Nd/gwen for yearssss, i think we understand Gwens vibe. We can see a look or hear a melody & know that’s Gwens vibe. My honest opinion is that Gwen DESPERATELY wants that come back & when she’s turned Eminem (one of the worlds biggest rappers) down in the past… I feel like she bit the bullet with this one in hopes of some success before dropping her 3rd solo. Maybe next she’ll do some rap-metal with Linkin Park.

  57. Her voice does sound pretty though, but the songs just too all over the place. I agree with that SPIN review for sure

  58. I actually like it. Gwen’s part is really strong imho, I just wish the song was a little shorter. Overall this is exactly what I expected, so it’s all good.

  59. Was skeptical at first but I find myself enjoying it. gwen’s voice adds a very interesting eerie quality. I agree with the reviews that it will be a great song for a movie/to hear in theaters. I’m also relieved there’s nothing lyrically offensive in the song.

  60. I really dislike Eminem… but I got hooked to this song, I actually liked and Gwen fits to it. Congrats on her for being featured in a song that will get a lot of buzz for sure.

  61. OMG that tweet…”FORMER No Doubt front woman…” WTF. This is the bad part about her solo periods, they always think she left the band.

  62. Her hook is actually really good. A little too short though. As for the rest of the song, no thanks.
    But hey, people seem to be feeling it and there is definitely buzz, which I imagine is the main goal of her being on this track.

  63. Bad that it leaked already. I guess it will be available on iTunes this Monday/Tuesday then.
    I hope it charts decently at least.

  64. It leaked but eminem officially released it via streaming today. I imagine it’ll be available for purchase very soon

  65. I’m not so sure if this will be released soon-ish… Eminem released the video for “Phenomenal” just yesterday.

  66. Eminem is so gross. He’s so misogynistic and homophobic. I really wish she worked with like. . . Any other rapper than him.

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