Gwen Featured On MSN's Homepage: Moonlighting Celebrities

Thanks so much to Jenna for the heads up (I noticed it myself a few minutes ago), but Gwen is featured on the main homepage of in a new feature about celebrities’ side jobs. They talk about L.A.M.B., and how everything she touches turns into gold — couldn’t have said it better myself and how true it is.

Gwen Stefani

As if fronting the ultra-successful band No Doubt and rocking a solo music career weren’t enough, Gwen Stefani also has her hands in the fashion world with her label L.A.M.B. (Love. Angel. Music. Baby), which is showing at New York Fashion Week on Feb. 11. The blond bombshell proves on multiple occasions that everything she touches turns to gold. Just look at that British hottie husband and those adorable kids by her side. Suffice it to say that Mrs. Gavin Rossdale seriously rules at life.

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