Gwen Featured In Episode of VH1’s The Fabulous Life Of… (Updated with Video)

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Check out the full episode courtesy of VH1 — they state that Gwen is worth an estimated $80 million dollars. Enjoy! Gwen’s bit starts at 21:55.

Gwen (among other female celebrities including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Pink and Christina Aguilera) will be featured in an upcoming new episode of The Fabulous Life Of… titled “Pop Divas” airing this coming Wednesday, August 6, at 9:00 PM ET/PT on VH1.

The Fabulous Life Of… gives fans a look at what its like to be some of our favorite celebrities while basking in being rich and famous.

VH1 — Take a fast-paced, first-class joy ride through the world of lavish living and luxury. From the most exclusive neighborhoods in Hollywood to gold-plated halls of Hip Hop royalty, we’re taking you deep inside the lavish lives of the rich and famous, from their massive careers to their even more massive homes to what they do in their self-indulgent leisure time. It’s a truly ridiculous lifestyle where five-star is par for the course, custom-made is a given, and the VIP treatment is nonstop. And dropping a million bucks? That’s chump change. With fleets of luxury rides, tricked-out megamansions, and more, these superstars and billionaire ballers are living what we call The Fabulous Life.

Full episodes of the show will be shared on VH1 shortly after they air and we will try and have it up for everyone, too.

9 Replies to “Gwen Featured In Episode of VH1’s The Fabulous Life Of… (Updated with Video)”

  1. WhOA! She looks SO different now then this pic! Even her eyes and nose look different. Aging backwards and into a different person! Soo pretty though

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