Gwen Featured In Yahoo’s From Dreadful To Dashing Gallery

Thanks to Marta for sending us the link! Although we don’t necessarily agree, Gwen is included in Yahoo’s new slideshow featuring dreadful to dashing celebrity style gallery. They include her looks from 2000 when Gwen attended Madonna’s CD release party and up to her 2011 appearance at the “This Must Be The Place” Cannes premiere.

Yahoo! — Celebrities are like chameleons, transforming their looks until they’re unrecognizable. Some celebrities are more chameleon-esque than others, like the ones in this gallery. We do not know what fuels the desire to amp it up, unlike the chameleon, who changes his look to survive (I think?). But we sure do love to watch.

I love my girl Gwen Stefani, let me just say. She is ALWAYS true to her own style, even now. But you’ll notice that while in the past she looked like a total goofball, she now positively exudes Grown-up Punk Princess, which is exactly what she is

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