Gwen Featured in Jan. Issue of O, The Oprah Magazine (Updated)


People Style Watch has given us a sneak peek at Gwen’s upcoming new feature in the January issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. The article features another photo of gorgeous Gwen taken from her “Baby Don’t Lie” video shoot and the feature is said to be about “fashion, along with her guilty pleasures and family traditions, and shared that her killer style is based off of her own pre-teen wardrobe”.

“My eighth-grade self,” she says when asked about what influences her outfit choices. “In 1982, I was into ska music, James Dean, and the Latino culture in my Southern California neighborhood. As a result, I tried to dress outside the box, different from what the other kids were wearing, with a laid-back vibe — and big accessories. More than 30 years later, that’s still my look.”

We’ll try to get our hands on the full feature and share it with everyone!

Photo courtesy of O, The Oprah Magazine and People.


Gossip Center has shared a couple more quotes from Gwen from the “My Best Life” feature from January’s issue with Gwen sharing a Stefani-Christmas family tradition and how she maintains relationships.

In the realm of relationships, Gwen states, “You get what you put in. I’ve learned that from my parents, who have been married for almost 49 years – proof that the more you work at marriage, the more amazing the rewards.”

Gwen also chats about her best family tradition- “When I was growing up, Santa Claus would cover the living room doorway in wrapping paper so we kids couldn’t peek at what was under the tree. Our parents would count to three, and then we’d crash through the paper to get to our presents. It’s the craziest thing because now Santa does the same thing for my kids. Weird, huh?”

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  1. Can’t wait to read the article. And finally Gwen is starting to give interviews. I hope to see new photo shoots soon.

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