Gwen Featured In H&M’s “Fashion Blast From The Past”

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Gwen and her famous Tragic Kingdom style are featured on the Dutch version of clothing H&M in their “Fashion Blast from the Past” post. They share a link to the “Just A Girl” video and praise Gwen for not looking a day older today than she did back in the day, but of course her fashion choices have evolved. Thanks to Bonny for sending into us and she translated it too for everyone!

HM — Just A Girl, No Doubt

I don’t know how she does it, but nowadays Gwen looks exactly like she did in 1995! And not a day older! Her face hasn’t changed, her outfit did! In this video, she wears a typical 90s outfit-mix with a belly bottom top, tracksuit pants and thick soled shoes!

and they linked it to Just a girl by no doubt ofcourse! (on youtube)

Other featured ppl were George Micheal, Madonna, Sonic Youth and Janet Jackson!

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