Gwen On EW’s List Of American Idols’ Most Awkward Mentor Moments

Speaking of American Idol (it’s been announced that Gwen and Tony will be mentoring next week, April 4), personally one of my favorite shows, this is pretty old, but it’s pretty funny and so true. We all know that season 6’s Sanjaya pretty much mascaraed No Doubt’s “Bathwater” during the week Gwen mentored. The moment has been included in Entertainment Weekly’s list of the top 13 most awkward mentor moments on American Idol.

Season 6

For Gwen Stefani week, Sanjaya chose to sing one of No Doubt’s most difficult songs, ”Bathwater.” But his mentoring session with the singer felt more like ice water. The Season 6 contestant spaced on the lyrics in front of the singer, and Stefani essentially brushed him off by saying, ”It’s a hard song, and he chose it, so good luck for him.” And Sanjaya only made matters more awkward by butchering the song while wearing…a ponyhawk.

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