Whew! Gwen Explains Neck And Shoulder Bandages

Whew, we can all feel a little bit better now! Gwen has confirmed that she went to the doctor the other day cause she was having pains in her neck due to the softness of her bed in her hotel. We hope she’s feeling better for the show tomorrow!

Access Hollywood — Rest easy Gwen Stefani fans – there’s nothing wrong with the stylish pop star.

On Tuesday, Gwen was photographed leaving a doctor’s office with what appeared to be a large bandage on the back of her neck and one her right shoulder blade.

However, Gwen told Access Hollywood on Wednesday that there’s no reason for alarm.

“I went because I had a little bit of a stiff neck because the bed is really soft in my hotel and that’s it. And I had some little heat pads on my back,” she explained on Wednesday. “I’m all better though. A little bit of stress from the show (pointing to her neck) that’s it. I’m good”

Luckily, the pain in her neck didn’t slow her down at all during New York Fashion Week.

On Tuesday night, Gwen and husband Gavin Rossdale were spotted heading out for a romantic dinner at the Italian restaurant Babbo in New York City to celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary. Additionally, the pop star hasn’t missed a beat working hard to ready her LAMB fashion line for her Spring 2011 show tomorrow night.

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