Gwen Talks New Album and Returning To The Stage On Her Own


In a new interview with Billboard, Gwen discussed work on her new album and returning to the stage on her own.

Gwen expressed how excited she is for her upcoming show in Los Angeles that she’s been working into a lot of work. “It’s so much work, and it’s so important to me that it’s awesome, and it’s happening so quickly. But that is kind of the theme right now, and I think it’s great.” She hopes to find inspiration from performing songs from her previous solo albums again and plans on continuing to write.

She admits that she originally wasn’t planning on signing on for The Voice due to not being able to release music with No Doubt while on the show. Gwen never expected to be making dance music on her own again outside of the band but says “being able to collaborate outside of the band and work with different producers just speeds things along.”

While rehearsing for her almost sold-out show in Los Angeles on February 7, Gwen says that she’s been having fun revisiting her past solo albums and feels proud of what she’s put out. “But there’s a couple songs where, maybe I don’t need to do those ones live again.”

Gwen adored being on The Voice this past season saying it felt like the right thing. “It was just so amazing how inspiring that was, then it went by so fast. But that was the kind of thing I needed in my life to just switch things up. Having a baby, having a show, being around all that music, being with Pharrell and looking at music from a different view for something that was not about me. Just listening and thinking back to what I’ve done has just been a really interesting and reflective time.”

On her new album, Gwen says that after collaborating over the past few months, she could have put out another record easily but decided to take it slow because it didn’t feel right. She says that she’s taking the time to reflect on her old songs and has found rehearsing for her upcoming show “super inspiring”. “… now it’s like I’m in competition with myself, like, “How did I do that? I wish I could do that again.” Gwen admits that she finds it challenging performing and rehearsing by herself because it’s “not natural.” “No Doubt is natural, but this is much more theatrical. There’s a lot of layers to building a show like this — dancers, costume changes, lighting, screens with content, medleys, there’s so many moving parts, it’s crazy. I don’t even know how to tackle it, I’ve just been doing it one day at a time.” She also revealed that she has MasterCard to thank for getting her out on her own again live saying, “I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t collaborate with them.”

Gwen says she’s been enjoying relearning her old songs, including the Pharrell-produced track “Yummy”. On choosing the setlist, Gwen wishes she had more time to perform more songs but knows that fans will want to hear her biggest singles including “What You Waiting For?”, “Hollaback Girl” and “The Sweet Escape.” She’s really looking forward to sharing her music with only a couple thousand lucky fans.

When asked if the Harajuku Girls would be returning to the stage with her, Gwen doesn’t give a direct answer but mentions how much fun she’s been having creating the upcoming Harajuku Lovers cartoon. “I’m actually doing a whole animated Harajuku Girls cartoon. It’s weird, because the animation at the beginning and in the middle of the video, that’s actually the backdrop from the cartoon. [For the show,] I literally had storage pull out all of the old Harajuku costumes, because I kept all of them. Then I realized I was so generous that I donated two of each one of them, so now I have to start over again. [Laughs] But it’s gonna be fun, it is already fun. Usually everything I do is more about the process than the end result.”

Tickets for Gwen’s MasterCard sponsored exclusive show in Los Angeles went on-sale today and only a few single seats are available.

Photo courtesy of Billboard. You can check out the full interview on Billboard.

22 Replies to “Gwen Talks New Album and Returning To The Stage On Her Own”

  1. I guess the harajuku girls won’t be coming back then. Also looks like yummy will be performed. I like the album version a lot but to me it doesn’t translate well live. But yay sounds like there will be costume changes!

  2. YESSSSSSSS!! I was so excited and happy that I got tickets for me and my sister!! Woot woot! This doesn’t really make up for not going to the last ND show they had at the Forum but this will do for now. I’m in the balcony. The ticket prices weren’t released until the actual ticket sales were at 12. They were also more than I would have liked to pay but oh well- I’m gonna have some fun!!!!

  3. “Gwen wishes she had more time to perform more songs but knows that fans will want to hear her biggest singles” this sounds like she will only perform her singles which is only like ten songs. I hope the setlist is at least fourteen songs.

    1. If she performed all of her solo singles, that would be 13 songs 😉 12 if we don’t count “Crash”.

      Rich Girl
      Hollaback Girl
      Wind It Up
      4 ITM
      Early Winter

  4. She will keep doing the singles over and over again just like No Doubt. lol Soon she will release Gwen Stefani – The Singles 2004-2015 😅

  5. It’s different though…with ND we’ve heard those singles over and over again for 10-20 years. Her solo singles were only performed for a short period of time compared to ND and it’s been years since we’ve heard most of them. So, I don’t mind.

  6. I wonder why Interscope never released a best of album tbh… It would’ve made perfect sense around 2008 and we know that they still had one or two unreleased songs that could’ve been put on a best of album as “new” songs.

    I agree with Amanda about the setlist. I think Gwen’s biggest/most known singles should be enough for this show. She sort of needs to remid people who she is, so I guess having an “all hits” setlist would make sense. As a fan I’d love to see new performances of songs such as “Danger Zone” and “Serious”, but I guess a lot of people aren’t really interested in these when they can have “Rich Girl” and “Wind It Up” instead.

    I still hope for at least one new song, though.

  7. I agree with amanda. I don’t mind hearing the singles either. And it is different with ND. That being said she was hinting at doing yummy and I could see her doing danger zone so there might be a few non singles.

  8. I don’t think a “best of” cd would be worthwhile since she only has 2 albums lol ND at least had 3 hit albums to work with when they released the singles collection.

  9. Im guessing shemay do Shine too… Special guests im guessing will be pharrell and maybe eve… Shirley Manson for wonderful life as an encore before hbg would be incredible

  10. @Bodhi Eve would be cool! Would love to hear them do “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” again. I love Garbage/Shirley Manson but was never a fan of their “Wonderful Life” duet, it sounds better solo in my opinion. And as for pharrell, ehhh. He will likely be there but he doesn’t add anything to STF or Hollaback Girl.

  11. I think it’s a given that Pharrell will be there, but Eve as a guest would be awesome! If they can do Rich Girl and LMBYM!

  12. Eve would be really cool! I haven’t seen her in a while. I could live without Pharrell, but he will show up for sure.

  13. It would be cool if she performed “Shine” with Pharrell, but I doubt it. It would be awesome if she brought Eve.

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