Gwen discusses influences for new No Doubt album

In Gwen’s recent interview with Bloomingdale’s Little Brown Book music issue, she discussed some new influences for the upcoming No Doubt album, mentioning 80s and 70s and even streaming new music on MySpace!

After being on tour for a year, Stefani is ready to go back into the studio with with No Doubt, the band with whom she launched her music career. “We’ve been trying to find each other again, and getting used to each other,” she says. “We’re experimenting and figuring it out!” Her latest inspirations include sounds from the 70’s and 80’s, plus new music she’s finding on “The record will reflect our evoltution as a band and as people,” she says.

As for what 2009 holds? “I hope I’ll have a record made with No Doubt, and have a tour set up,” says Stefani.

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