Gwen Discusses “Make Me Like You” Video and New Album with the Media (Updated)

Photo courtesy of Target/Entertainment Weekly
Photo courtesy of Target/Entertainment Weekly


Entertainment Weekly
reached out to Gwen after shooting wrapped to talk about her new video and upcoming album. They also shared a gorgeous new photo of her taken on-set.

Gwen shared that she was on “cloud nine” after Monday night’s live video shoot and was something she felt that she could never do.

Interscope wanted to make this happen for Gwen and went on by saying how incredibly proud the label is of her. “She’s in such a great space. She’s so strong right now mentally, creatively, and physically. Seeing her this focused is such a tremendous joy. It was a no-brainer, especially for the brand of Target.”

Gwen talked about how it was a year almost to-the-date that her life shifted (before announcing her divorce from Gavin Rossdale) and revealed that for awhile even before then she wasn’t feeling creative. After rediscovering herself over the past year, Gwen says, “I started writing again. And to be able to write and be so honest and pure and truthful — and not to be chasing anything but just writing and going in and saying, ‘I’m not doing this for anyone else. I’m doing this because I have to be here or I will die.’ I can’t tell you how good it feels.” She feels shocked that she’s in such a good place right now but has taken such a tragedy and has turned it around to something positive.

“Make Me Like You” was recorded only three weeks ago and shares and said that picking songs to make the album felt like “two chapters”. “The first half was very sarcastic and kind of dark, mad, and angry.” The article says that Gwen wrote about 15 of these songs, ending with “Used To Love You”. “That’s when we kind of flipped over to this happy, excited, new phase.”



In a new interview with Billboard, both Gwen and director Sophie Muller recall working on the video saying, “It was the most intense thing we’ve ever done without a shadow of a doubt, times ten.” Sophie commends Gwen for taking a risk with their video and said that she couldn’t think of any other artist that would have taken the project on.


Gwen called in for an interview with AMP 97.1’s Carson Daly and spoke about her exciting “Make Me Like You” live music video with Target last night and new album.

Gwen shared that two takes before the live take, she had fell really hard on her head. ““But I was okay. It was weird. I think after that, some sense got knocked into me! I actually did better the next time.” She says that video is very symbolic of her life and that she is extremely happy now in her life. “I thought I was going to be stuck down there for a while. It feels so good right now. It’s true, you just never know what’s going to happen. I feel real happy.”

Gwen spoke more about the video’s symbolism which tells the story of how she’s been feeling inside over the past year. “… it starts off I’m in a crash and I have, like, a jail outfit on, and then I’m kind of like, “Woah, what’s happening?” I start gaining confidence and then by the end it’s very, I’m in the heavens, you know what I mean? It was such an amazing artistic version of what just happened, you know?” She admitted that she hadn’t seen the finalized version yet of the video but did confirm that the stunt double that had fell during the rollerskating was doing okay!

When Carson asked Gwen why she’s holding back from him her new single, Gwen says that she never intended to hold anything back and everything has been happening so fast. I didn’t hold back! There’s so many songs, it’s crazy. I can’t believe the record’s finished now. I literally got a mix last night of a song called, “You’re Asking For It.” I think I listened to it 100 times last night! I love this record so much. It’s so exciting!” (Gwen does have a song on the record called “Asking For It” and we’re assuming it’s the same song?)

She shared that wanted to push herself to finish the record prior to her live event but found it hard to move on from writing. “I think the moment they said you’ve got to kind of round it up was a little depressing for me because that writing process was so intense and so healing and magical, but now I’m feeling that kind of place where I get to share it. I feel victorious, you know what I mean? It represents so much more than just music. It’s my life and I don’t know, it’s just such an amazing process.”

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    1. Exactly! Otherwise it wouldn’t make much sense having a stunt double… lol I think it was a bit obvious the way she fell. But when I was watching it really scared the hell out of me.

      1. They used a stunt so Gwen could change from the black to red oufit (sleeveless…) otherwise there wouldnt be time for her to change and come up on the plataform. Look at the guy that hold her face, he looks a bit surprised.

  1. “I think after that, some sense got knocked into me! I actually did better the next time.” LMAO Love her.

    Yeah, the fall was planned and I think it was my favorite part of the video! I wish the whole video had that roller skate theme!

    I don’t understand why Gwen thinks she needs to stop writing after she has completed a record. Keep going if the inspiration is flowing! That’s what you do…you’re a songwriter! Then if it’s good, you’ll have material for the next project!

  2. She said the stunt double was fine, witch means there was a stunt double. 🙂
    Also, she FELL ON HER HEAD before the show??? I’m so impressed she pulled that off after!!!!

  3. Real fall, fake fall—I think the video was EXCELLENT. Innovative. I think it’s her best video since ‘now that you got it’. I just wish some of the shots/scenes had better lighting

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