Gwen Discusses Tension In The Band In Unreleased Behind The Music Clip

VH1 has shared an unreleased portion of Gwen’s interview from their 2000 Behind The Music special discussing tension in the band while promoting Tragic Kingdom.

When asked if all the tension was brought on by the media, Gwen said it was hard to say. “If you think about what we were doing, and how long we were on tour, and what we’ve been going through, anybody would be at each other. It’s amazing. There was no yelling, no fighting like that. The worst of it was me maybe crying because I was being a baby. There were never any fist-fights.” She goes on to say that the band felt extremely tired during that time and looking back on it then, it didn’t seem like that big of a deal. No Doubt were offered many things during that time period and have a tough time saying no to anything. “Everything seemed to extreme and important and maybe it wasn’t.”

Most notably, the band took out their frustrations with everything in their now-Vevo Certified music video for “Don’t Speak”.

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