Gwen Debuts New Pop Electric Fragrances on HSN (Updated)

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Gwen is scheduled to appear tonight live on HSN to debut her brand new line of fragrances from Harajuku Lovers, Pop Electric. The collection features five new scents (G, Love, Lil’ Angel, Music and Baby) which come individually in two sizes (1 fl. oz. and 1.7 fl. oz spray bottles), collector sets including body lotion and key chains or a box set including all five.

All are available now to purchase on, where you can select either the full payment or split into multiple ones. If you sign up for HSN’s newsletter, you’re qualified for 15% off your first order!

Make sure to catch Gwen tonight appearing on HSN starting at 7:00 PM ET, 4:00 PM PST. If you’re not able to tune in, click here to check out their live stream.








“When I did these fragrances this time, I took the original fragrances and kind of updated them and made them really modern.” Gwen says that when she smells Pop Electric G, it takes her back to her solo eras.

She says that the new collection brings her back to a few years ago when the debut line came out. “Doing these over again brought me right back to the original girls and now this a new chapter in my life. It’s going to happen — and the record is going to come out, I’m on The Voice and I have three babies now. [The collection] is going to represent this time period. It’s interesting how fragrances does that. It takes you right back to that memory and it represents that time period. This turned out so great. I’m just so happy with it! I’m a happy girl right now!”

The Pop Electric line will exclusively be available on and the host suggests that the collection will be sold out by the holidays.

Gwen shared that her upcoming album’s artwork will be colorful and resemble the Pop Electric fragrance line.

Click here to see more photos from the set. You can also check out a video from Gwen’s appearance on


me & @harajukuworld on a sweet escape ✈️ gx

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Best day ever! Brand new #HarajukuLovers 🙌

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The #HarajukuLovers Pop Electric collection is here 🙌 Catch queen @gwenstefani on #HSN tonight to shop! Which bottle is your fave?

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Photo courtesy of HSN.

13 Replies to “Gwen Debuts New Pop Electric Fragrances on HSN (Updated)”

  1. My Mom was a designer at HSN for years, they are anything but cheap. They have great mid-to high end products, hence the payment installments option. Plus they have a top notch Quality Assurance Department. This is a great opportunity for Gwen because HSN has such a mass audience and it will help relaunch Harajuku Lovers and regain strength in the market it has lost in the past couple of years. Also, my cousin works the computers when they are filming, so he might have been working on Gwen’s segment today, I’ll have to ask him. Sometimes he gets to meet the celebs if there’s time.

  2. I liked the real interaction with fans. They made it fun and appealing. Of course they want to sell but fans who ended up buying the fragrances also got them for an excellent price. Bad that Gwen didn’t talk about the new single… but hey.

  3. “Gwen says the album artwork will be colourful and resemble the Pop Electric fragrance line.” I think by the way she’s talking, the harajuku girls will be back for the new era.

  4. Gwen did a great job. I sorta teared up when the woman mentioned she was a breast cancer survivor and she would use Harajuky Lovers to help her feel better. <3

  5. There’s big money on HSN so I can’t blame her for doing this. The boxes look cool, but I still don’t care for the design of the bottles. Too bad you can’t get them anywhere else! I’d love to know what they smell like 😉

  6. Who would say it’s cheap of her to be selling her stuff on tv? Really harajukulovers has been on that network since it launched …and now it’s a new collection …how awesome for gwen to be there and interact with her fans .. what a hater , Bob.

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