Gwen Covers Metrosource Magazine For February/March

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Gwen is on the cover of the February/March issue of Metrosource magazine on newsstands this week. The publication features another new photo of Gwen taken from a recent shoot as well an an interview on her unexpected third solo album.

In the article, Gwen once again pushes that she never intended to do another solo record but work on a third album of her own seemed inevitable after joining The Voice last season. She says that that herself and her team took another route this time around by working around “visuals” and “mood boards” before getting into the studio. From early on, the intentions were working with others and collaborations. “It’s all working with talented people. It’s basically a record for talented writers, and me trying to piggyback on top of them.” She referenced some tracks that came together via email (notably with Charli XCX). Gwen found being on The Voice very inspiring, especially being surrounded by music and talented people.

On the “Baby Don’t Lie” video, Gwen admits she was skeptical of the end result since filming was just her walking around on a treadmill. “They kind of took this blank green page and made this whole world around it.” In the end, Gwen was pleased with how the video turned out but says that she was already thinking of visuals for her next video, “Spark The Fire”, while filming. She recalls saying, “Oh my God! I know what I need to do! We’re going to have emojis coming out of my mouth, and I’m going to do this and I’m going to wear that and I’m going to have a cloud outfit!” Gwen even convinced The Voice to incorporate some of the visuals from the video during her live debut performance on the show back in December.

Gwen is still working on her new album, expected early 2015, and she reveals she is still writing with Pharell as well as others. “First I thought I was done, and now I’m kind of like, Hmm, I think I want to write a few more. I was going to try to get it out before Christmas, and then thought, Why am I rushing it?”

Photo courtesy of Metrosource. You can check out the full article on

8 Replies to “Gwen Covers Metrosource Magazine For February/March”

  1. Lovely interview! I’m glad she decided to write a few more tracks to make it more personal. I’m hoping for a more consistent album now. Can’t wait!

  2. I feel like all these magazines just copy and slightly re-write that one interview Gwen gave a few months ago lol. There really isn’t anything new in this one…

  3. I agree with you, it’s a reprint of old interviews. I was expecting her on the cover of Cosmopolitan this month, but one of the Kardashian people is on it, I wonder when the album will drop if still that is the plan. This year I expect the unexpected from Gwen.

  4. Love the photo! I’m glad we’re not seeing CGI Gwen, she still has dimension and freckles, and she looks great.

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