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Gwen is ELLE Thailand’s cover girl for their July issue which features an outtake from her recent FASHION magazine photo shoot. The Fashion Influencers issue is said to be on newsstands now and includes an article including 20 things to know about Gwen.


HUGE thank you to 3dpro for scanning and translating the issue for us to share with everyone! The 20 questions doesn’t give us any new information (and seems to be a rehash from past articles) but it does mention two new songs from her upcoming album “Lifting You” (which she has described as “cute” and a “little bit a reggae track”) and “Start a War”, co-written with Sia. The article mentions that Gwen is on-track to have her album released this year. Known collaborators include Calvin Harris, Charli XCX and Ryan Tedder are mentioned as well.

The feature shares that Gwen says that she has a “goldfish memory” and has to relearn songs before heading out on tour. She also says that she’s always striving to be better and feels like she’s in competition with herself.

Gwen shares that she found herself overweight in high school and joined the swim team to help maintain her weight. She finds herself “paranoid” but doesn’t give herself any rules about eating. She shares that she works out 5 times a week and enjoys boxing and free weights. The article also touched on Gwen’s dyslexia that she had as a child and had to repeat classes growing up.

Gwen says that she has dyed her hair all of her life including most recently for the “Spark the Fire” video with black tips. She also has no regrets when it comes to fashion and past looks she has rocked.

Photo courtesy of ELLE Thailand; scans courtesy of 3dpro.

12 Replies to “Gwen Covers ELLE Thailand for July Issue (Updated)”

  1. if you guys wanna get the scans i can buy one tomorrow! also i can try do a translate of the interview. i’m Thai btw.

  2. ‘together’ and ‘shine’ are the only newer songs released that I truly like and will listen to pretty often

  3. I agree with LAMB, these photos are not great. I think they could have done a much better job stylizing our beautiful Gwen.

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