Gwen Covers Aquarius Magazine For August


Gorgeous Gwen is on the cover of United Arab Emirates’s fashion magazine Aquarius for August. The cover features a stunning outtake from Gwen’s October 2012 shoot for Marie Claire. In a post from their Facebook, Aquarius shares that the article has Gwen getting “refreshingly real about motherhood”. We’ll try looking around for more from the article and hope to share soon.

Photo courtesy of Aquarius.

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  1. I know, I’m still in shock! After being together for almost 20 years…three children and thirteen years of marriage! All the ups and downs. What could have possibly happened anymore? I’m so upset…

  2. I love this shoot! It’s Bronzed up Goddess Gwen! I think this is the darkest she’s ever been in the last 5 years…

  3. Yeah sadly the media is starting to get nasty… We knew it was coming. It will be over when they finally sign the divorce papers and move on.

  4. Why do the media and the public always need to blame someone whenever a celebrity couple splits? Like, there’s always the good (usually the woman) and the bad (usually the man). I’m sure Gavin is just as heartbroken as Gwen probably is right now.

  5. It’s sickening how the commenters on all the news sites are all so judgmental and talking about how Gavin wants to get with men and he was cheating on Gwen. The truth is nobody except for Gwen and Gavin know what’s (been) going on and what their reasons are. We can only wish them the best and hope for a smooth conclusion.

  6. What I find disgusting is how they need to bring his past every time this theme comes up. Ok he had a relationship with some guy way before he was famous. Gavin happened to be bisexual or go through an experimental phase in the 80s. So what? I don’t even think that’s the problem about G&G’s split. But people are so judgemental.

  7. They’re doing what’s best for them both at the moment, the reason is not relevant.
    We should just support Gwen as always and forget about the reason. Gwen will get over it.
    Hopefully the divorce will bring her inspiration to do new music – splits always make great albums,
    About the bisexuality/supposed bisexuality… I think that sexuality is a very personal thing, there are no real patterns or rules, so people should mind their business and leave Gavin alone. If he wants to date men… Let him date men, that’s not a problem. Love is love and hapiness is hapiness in every possible way and no one should live a lie!

    Now I’ll be kinda selfish and admit that I never liked the wife-Gwen, the music career were always negatively affected by the fact that she always wanted to be this super-wife and then the super-mom… Maybe now Gwen will have more time to think about the band and her solo music career and gives a REAL comeback.

  8. This is so sad, I mean they are the most perfect couple in the entire world. But lets move on and hope the kids, Gwen and Gavin are all right.
    And I don’t think it’s the right time but I hope she writes some killer songs for the coming album.

  9. I think the only good thing that will come from this sad news is that Gwen will be inspired to write more confessional lyrics a la Tragic Kingdom and Return of Saturn. I hope her sadness opens up her creativity and we get to hear that on her new album or the new No Doubt record.

  10. The most perfect couple in the entire world?? Yeah right. They’ve been having issues forever. Gwen is just REALLY good at PR.

    Whatever, it’s their business. I hope that Gwen will find this new chapter in her life to be exciting and creative. And, I hope the kids will be OK through it all.

  11. Between Blake, Reba and Gwen…its very clear they all have some big love triangle going on. Now Kermit and Ms. Piggy? I bet she is after Gavin after seeing that photo of him with Pete on TMZ. (wow)

  12. I think this goes to show we can’t put other people or couples up on pedestals. Celebrities are just like everyone else… no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors. A couple can seem to be the perfect couple and have heaps of problems. We(as a culture) need to stop idolizing people, it just is too much expecation.

  13. Everyone keeps saying that this will inspire her to write great songs??? That’s sad to me! I wish her personal happiness before ANY new music!! Geeez!!! She’s given us her heart and soul plenty of times! She’s had horrible heart break before, she didn’t need anymore of it! This could be heartbreak that lasts a life time, maybe only leaving room for her children. Who cares about music right now!

  14. I still cannot believe this. I cried when I heard it. I have a special connection with that couple. I look up to them as a couple. One of the reason I believed in marriage because of them. I cannot imagine her with another man ( except maybe with Pharell) I will believe this only when both starts dating. Call me delusional but I don’t care I think it’s not real and they made a mistake

  15. in other words, i thought it was bullshit,

    but it seems it is actually true

    good for her, new horizones to find a new young and masculine partner.

    and good for her to get inspire, and gives a fcking good CD

  16. I agree with Simon and Marion. They were never a perfect couple and they never quite fit on the pedestal people were trying to put them on. Maybe that’s part of the problem. The world saw them as the “perfect” family, but behind the scenes they clearly were not and maybe it was just too much pressure for a relationship to bare over such a long time. Even now people and the media are still idolizing them by writing stuff like “I can’t believe this, they were so special and perfect!!!”. No, they were not. There are no “perfect” releationships.

  17. However it all works out, I hope Gwen is ultimately happy; I hope it eventually works out best for everyone involved and I hope the children are okay with all this down the line. Only they know what truly goes on behind closed doors and that’s how it’s supposed to be. We are not supposed to know every single detail, as they’re people just like anyone. If Gwen now has to focus on her family and new music doesn’t happen then so be it. x

  18. At least Gwen had a really wonderful vacation in Montana. Hopefully that gave her some clarity and good vibes to feed off for a while.

  19. I agree with Bob! at this moment the music isn’t the most important. There are some unnnecessary comments and we know sometimes Gwen and the rest of the band read these posts, so please a little more respect for her!

  20. Yeah I’m sure they made this decision sometime ago. That sudden trip to Montana was probably her enjoying the calm before the storm. Especially being a celeb and being parents of 3 kids, you just don’t decide to get divorced just like that.

  21. Even if this was a long thought-out decision (which I believe it was), I wouldn’t be completely surprised if it didn’t last. Gwen has said countless times in interviews how every time one of them comes back from tour and they’re together again she realizes how much he balances her out and how she needs him. Although I respect both of them and their decision, I wouldn’t be totally surprised if in a few years they realize that this wasn’t the best thing for them or their kids and they try to make it work again.

  22. Some of you guys are so touchy.. Obviously this is good song writing material. It isn’t disrespectful to admit that. We still support Gwen as much as everyone here does and put her happiness above any news of an album.

  23. maybe the situation is painful but it’s clear, they stay only both parents and friends. And Gwen is free now. She will focus for other things.

  24. Leah, it’s not being touchy. It’s being considerate. I’m more concerned for her well-being at this stage. Let the waters settle for a minute. If she feels the need to pour out her heart in her songs then good for her and everyone else. But until then we should be more supportive and a little less selfish. This is my 2 cents. Not my intention to offend anyone.

  25. Yeah I don’t wish to offend anyone either, I think we’re all in agreement that Gwen’s happiness/well being/stability is top priority right now over any musical ventures.

  26. Seriously that the BCO ste will not post anything related to the couple? It is shocking. You guys always posted holidays, Valentine’s days and wed anniversaries’s Gwen & Gavin and other things. But now, no one post about break up. Really? It is a sad news, I get it. But the bad news and bad things happens and you learn to deal with it. Show respect for Gwen. She deserves it.

    1. Yes, I chose not to post about it because Gwen asked for privacy. Obviously that the story is everywhere and it’s sad how the media is making a spectacle out of it, which I don’t want to take part of. Yes, the fans have a right to discuss it, but it’s not mine or the site’s place to post about it. I’m sorry if some don’t agree with our decision, but it’s such an incredibly sensitive and private family matter which I don’t feel comfortable writing about or having an opinion on.

      All of our hearts were broken (and I’m speaking for all of the webmasters) and wish nothing but love, support for Gwen and her family. She is such an incredibly strong woman and role model to all of us and wish her nothing but love and support in everything.

  27. Du, it’s up to them to post whatever they want on this site. Jenny and her team don’t owe us anything.

  28. I don’t really understand it either DU. The site posted about Adrian and Nina’s very sad miscarriage a few years ago, they post about anniversaries, weddings and birth announcements. Obviously people are talking about it anyway… LOL I think Gwen would appreciate people sending well wishes and good vibes her way during this time. Rude comments could be deleted or discouraged….

    1. In my defense with Adrian and Nina, they had posted the news themselves and shared it with fans directly on both and the official forum. I understand that a statement was released on Gwen and Gavin’s behalf, but until she says something herself in regards to it, we should leave it be. Please understand that I’m not trying to put weight on the two issues (one being more difficult than the other) but I don’t want to draw any more attention to a private matter that has been asked for privacy (which the media, expectedly, is not giving them).

      Again, I’m sorry if some don’t understand where I’m coming from, but I believe it is the right decision for the site.

  29. That still doesn’t make sense to me when G/G released a statement confirming it, but it’s your site and do what makes you feel comfortable. I’m sure you don’t need the added site traffic from non-fans googling their divorce anyway. I think it’s tough for fans because there’s really no where else to go to discuss it as yours is pretty much the only updated site LOL I don’t dare go to gossip sites because of how vicious and inaccurate they are about Gwen and even Gavin.

    1. I totally get that. I’m also avoiding the gossip sites or sharing anything related to it because it all seems like garbage and people are just trying to make a buck off of them and the situation.

      I encourage fans to discuss it but I just feel like it’s not my place to post about it. Like I said, until Gwen thanks the fans for the support or says something herself (and not just a statement written by a lawyer on her behalf), I’m just keeping mum about it which is what she requested.

  30. @amanda g, I TOTALLY see where you’re coming from 100%, but that being said one of the reasons why we all love Gwen is because of her effortless class and I think BSO is reflecting that class, so I respect that too. All we can do is wish our girl the best

  31. i’ve never liked Gavin, he looked so gay, and hes not handsome. I didnt even know that he had a bix-sexual relationship, in my opinion that is ok as long as u dont marriage and make 3 childs,, Gwen! didnt deserver it, its so unfair. I got rly sad.. coz Gwen was for me the hottest woman at that time 2005..

    I rly hope she gets lucky with men, but unfortunately, gavin took the best years of her life.

  32. Actually I found it rather strengthening to see that on Dlisted (where commenters can be very crass and judgmental), there was a massive outpouring of support for Gwen. I’ve never seen as many comments on any post there as the ones about the divorce. A lot of people, not just the fans, are shocked and want to talk about it with others. Granted it was not nice that a lot of the internet commenters accuse Gavin of things, but they all seem to acknowledge that Gwen really did her best and tried to make it work for all these years.

  33. Amanda, join the ND forum. There’s a thread where fans are discussing this. Just don’t put this weight on Jenny’s back.

  34. I actually think people are being too judmental towards Gavin, when we don’t know everything that happened BTS. Marilyn is a rat for coming to the media and talk about their past relationship (in the 80s). That has nothing to do with Gavin’s actual position, so it’s like they keep throwing fuel to the fire. At least all this puts Gwen in a good light. She doesn’t even need to talk about it. It just shows how classy she is. I honestly wish the media would stop contacting these inside “sources” close to Gwen. What kind of friend would even talk about this sensitive subject to the media? Unless it’s all made up, like the nanny situation on some site I read. (I’ve heard rumours about groupies on tour… and some other girl who’s a bit of a stalker… but it’s none of our business. I’m glad Gwen took this hard decision and decided to move on. Hopefully she will find a better man in the near future.)

  35. Maybe Gavin didn’t do anything. Couples don’t always need an explicit reason to split. Sometimes you just realize that you have reached a dead end in a relationship, especially after so many years. Feelings can change and yes also romantic feelings can disappear. Of course the media want this to be a dirty break-up with nasty secrets, cheating, fighting over money and so on. But maybe it’s just a very typical break-up that happens a million times every day on this planet.

  36. Maybe so, but considering everything Gwen has to lose (half her fortune, a lot of her public appeal/marketability as the ”woman who has it all”) and her dedication all these years would give rise to suspicions that something seriously bad must’ve occurred…

  37. Gwen is a class and is getting massive support from social media. As for Gavin his indiscrations will catch up with him sooner or later just like with Ben Affleck.

  38. @Lamb I also didn’t think Gavin was very attractive when they first got together. I thought he was too esthetically perfect, but I think he is a handsome older man. I don’t have a problem with his past and him and Gwen having kids, but if the relationship was predicated on a business partnership to appeal to the media as the perfect rock couple, then I don’t agree. I’m sure there is more weight to it than that though. Anyway, I don’t think Gwen will have a problem finding love.

  39. ^^^^^^^ that article got my blood boiling a lil bit, I was reallllllllly hoping he wasn’t that kind of guy! Hasn’t he had enough from the Stefani piggy bank all these years?!?! I dont wanna bash Gavin but if it wasn’t for his union with Gwen I dont think the media/general public would even know his name.

  40. Well since they did not have a prenup gwen has to split her fortune with him anyway. I think the media makes things sound worse than it actually is lol. I can’t see Gavin going after more.

  41. Guys, please don’t believe anything Radar Online writes. They have Gwen at #1 on their “Shame-O-Meter” and since Monday they have published two interviews with Gavin’s “gay lover” and one article that says Gwen is “bonding” with Blake now… This is pure gossip trash and they obviously are making all of this up.

  42. ^ Obviously, that’s pure speculation. I’m hoping Gavin won’t be THAT guy. But hey… every site is publishing all kinds of trash.
    Gavin isn’t a fan of Gwen/ND’s music but I hope he won’t go after her hard-earned cash. I can’t see him step so low… but what do we know?

  43. Laura Wasser is a mediawhore who loves the attention as much as the Kardashians, for Gwen and the boys sake I hope Gavin doesn’t end in a media storm of stupid denials like Batffleck.

  44. Honestly none of us know if Gavin is that kind of guy, I mean he left the option of spousal support open… I mean… Gavin is the same guy who put Gwen through a lot through out the years… Who knows if he’s feeling bitter or what?? But for gwens sake lets hope he’s not that guy…. But I wouldn’t be shocked if he is

  45. Guys don’t trust the media smut. They always come out with the same stuff after celeb couples divorce, someone cheated, husband cheated with nanny, money feud etc. I mean it’s always the same speculative bs. It’s possible given Gavin’s past something big did happen, or Gwen never healed from trust issues, or they grew appart. We will never know. However, I think we should refraim from posting tabloid trash.

  46. Those 1st pics of Gwen after the announcement are heartbreaking. Why do they do this? This is so invasive. 🙁

  47. i just re-watched Rock in Rio after the news. Gwen singing in Don’t Speak is really powerful and i think she nearly teared up near the end of the song. I’m feeling so sad right now. 🙁

  48. I think the news explains so much, I mean the past few years have seemed so off for Gwen and her music/inspiration. It all makes sense now. I wish her the best in healing.

  49. @3DPro I just rewatched Rock in Rio too and you’re so right. Don’t Speak is so sad and Ex Girlfriend / Bathwater are totally speaking to her divorce. It must be hard for Gwen to sing all of those songs now, but it also almost feels like this is breathing new life into them, unfortunately for Gwen’s sake.

  50. Not to mention the part during excuse me mr where Gwen yells out “the desire HE lacks!!”

    Excuse me mr is about a negligent partner, Gwen’s alleged troubles with Gavin were that he isn’t spending enough time at home…

    Makes sense!

  51. We all noticed at the time how into RIR she was. It was the best show they’ve done in years. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she channeled some of her personal feelings or frustrations into that show.

  52. Yeah there was definitely a vibe in the air…I think that part during EMMr especially was telling..But not End it On This if she couldn’t even remember the lyrics 😉

    I’m still praying for her and her family, I hope they are doing OK.

  53. I totally agree with @ndlover. Gwen is a performer, she’s sang those songs soooo many times I think its second nature to her to maybe even the point where she doesn’t personalize with the songs and the old emotions along with them

  54. I agree. “Don’t Speak” and “Excuse me Mr.” were written ages ago… I don’t think Gwen would relate them to anything that happened recently when performing them. She has a very strict routine on stage, almost like a script tbh. I didn’t really notice anything being different at RIR except that the band seemed to have a good day.

  55. I’m rewatching RIR and Gwen does seem to be singing with more emotion, e.g. EMM and EG etc.. Idk maybe it was just a great day for them or she was pissed at Gavin and projected it into the music. Either way it was an amazing show 😛

  56. Rose Marie – I really enjoyed Don’t Speak. I haven’t paid much attention to it in years because it is so overplayed, but her RIR performance of it was so good! I had wondered at the time if there was a reason behind it. But again, it could just be a coincidence 😉

  57. Yes Don’t speak seemed more subdued… Although I do agree that Gwen is very routinous most of the time during ND concerts. Songs like Just a Girl are still performed almost exactly the same as 20 years ago! Sometimes I wonder if that doesn’t bore her?
    I read in an interview years ago that Gwen doesn’t really get tired of performing don’t speak and other old songs, except for Excuse Me Mr because it is so fast and she gets out of breath. So I guess that’s why they changed it up, which I think sounds so cool. But it would be awesome if they did some variations on the other classics as well! Even if it’s just a different bridge or crowd participation bit. I usually skip JAG, spiderwebs and Sunday morning live because I have heard them ten trillion times before..

  58. I also usually skip Just A Girl and Sunday Morning. Except for the Rock In Rio’s Sunday Morning. That one was so energic, she sang it so happily, like she was really enjoying it. I loved her screams, that’s why I loved that show. But I’ll never skip Spiderwebs, I love that song so much.

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