Gwen Covered Cosmopolitan Pregnancy

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Though a little presumptuous, Gwen landed herself on the cover of Indonesia’s Cosmopolitan Pregnancy for their November 2013 issue.

The magazine features photos of glamorous Gwen from the Wallis Annenberg Center Gala held this past October. As far as the short one-page article goes, we’re assuming it’s nothing new but showcases some of Gwen’s best looks this past year as well as her past pregnancy fashions.

If interested, you can download the full issue at

5 Replies to “Gwen Covered Cosmopolitan Pregnancy”

    1. I agree. Gwen looks great (obviously) but the spacing and lack of anything on it is weird. Plus, I think the inside photo would have looked better on the cover.

  1. When I see a pregant Gwen, I think to myself that Kim K could have taken a bunch of tips on how to dress while being pregnant. Just sayin’. 😀

    Anyway, I also think it’s pretty obvious that gwen is pregnant, so why would she need to say anything about it now.

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