Gwen Confirms “Spark The Fire” Single and Video Release on Dec. 1

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Gwen took to Twitter this morning to confirm that both the “Spark The Fire” single and music video are coming this Monday, December 1! The “Spark The Fire” video was teased on both Ellen and in a new commercial for the Chrysler Group LLC.

Gwen also plugged her live debut performance with Pharrell on The Voice that evening starting at 8:00 PM PST/EST on NBC. Remember that she will also be appearing bright and early on Good Morning America on Monday too which kicks off at 7:00 AM PST/EST on ABC. Monday will be an exciting day for sure!

32 Replies to “Gwen Confirms “Spark The Fire” Single and Video Release on Dec. 1”

  1. This promo campaign is just plain awful. Video and live performance all on one day when the song is not even being played on the radio yet? Good luck with that… You can’t use everything you have to launch a single. Keep some aces up your sleeve after radio picks it up to keep it going for some months. Why are they in such a rush with everything?

  2. It is certainly a strange approach… It seems they are trying to cram as much in as they can before The Voice ends.

  3. Can’t wait to watch the video. I’m glad she’s releasing it on Monday. I hope they have a few performances scheduled for the next couple of weeks though.

  4. I really hope they’ll show some more dedication this time and don’t give up again after the first week. Well, at least we can be sure that the Fiat commercial will be airing for a little while and promote the song.

  5. Gwen seems very excited about this song. I’m sure she will perform it on another tv show, perhaps The Tonight Show or Ellen. It’d be amazing if she was the surprise artist to perform at Kroq this year.

  6. I actually think is gonna be a failure too …is that bad of me to say? Calvin harris needs to release ‘together’ as a single and do a video for that … how sad that as a huge gwen fan, I’m more excited about.a song she’s featured on then her two singles of her own… -_-

  7. I’m really hoping for this to be huge and I’m sure there’ll be enough exposure to make this happen…

    Also: whilst I really like it, I feel like Together is one of the more filler tracks on the album, even though I’d love for a video and for it to be a success!!!!

  8. I AGREE WITH @JESSY Gwen’s new solos, r not that good, my best guess is that she lost the magic to come up with new sounds, lyrics, tunes… omg where is that Gwen, i miss that gwen so much,

    together is only good coz of the music

    also i hope there is a different version of Spark the.. with pharrell having some lyrics on it.

  9. I think it’s almost impossible to predict how STF will do. It’s one of those songs that are pretty much hit or miss. It could be either way. If radio doesn’t touch it, they’ll have a real problem. But if airplay is at least as good as it was with BDL, I can see STF having moderate success. I’m not sure how huge it could possibly be, but it can definitely be a solid top 30/top 20 hit.

    I feel like this could be Gwen’s “Gangnam Style” lol. A song people will make fun of and just love to hate. I don’t remember who said this, but I think it’s true: The song is basically pure trash and everything about it is just wrong, but somehow all the weirdness works. It was the same with WIU back in the days.

  10. Are people serious? Calvin Harris’ song is just like any other song he has. STF might not be your cup of tea, but it has a fresh beat and melody. That’s the great thing about Pharrell (he’s not repetitive), so let’s wait untill the actual release to see how it will work out.

  11. Gwen Stefani stopped being about the music 12 years ago after the Rock Steady tour wrapped. Her inspiration expanded beyond her band and her music, and as much as its a letdown to us- who idolize her for the MUSIC before anything else, there comes a point when we gotta stop getting upset when her and her label treat this for what it really is- a cool music project. She’s not out for chart or industry domination. Shes doing what she wants, when she wants. I don’t think we will ever see the level of commitment and dedication to her music she had writing TK, ROS, or RS. I also don’t think she’ll ever match the dedication that other pop artists put fourth for their music/promo/tour (Beyonce is a beast, Katy and Gaga LIVE for their music and fans). It makes sense her label is saving money for other artists who are more current/at their prime. I LOVE GWEN and I will listen to her music till my dying day… but her peak as a musician has passed. Let’s not get worked up over the logistics of the industry and just enjoy why we really love her – HER MUSIC. We love it. The rest of the world may not know it exists. *dances anyway*

    (Also, Harris will never release Together as a single. I’m a HUGE edm fan and that song is largely forgettable amid some of his other, more progressive festival bangers. Pretty sure they just did it for fun.)

    1. Well, I’m not sure if Gwen’s peak as a musician has passed. But IF if had passed, then I’d say it wasn’t after RS. L.A.M.B. is a pop masterpiece. Underneath all the glitter and glamour and the product placement, L.A.M.B. is a super inspired pop record full of excellent songwriting. Actually this whole period between 2000 and 2006 was very exciting musically. Gwen was so brave and taking many risks with all these new genres. I always felt like TK and RoS were the days where she learned how to actually be a musician/songwriter and then after RoS she could finally let loose and do all these things she always wanted to do (musically and otherwise). If there was ever something like a “real Gwen”, then I’d say that was between 2000 and 2006. Before that she was still struggling to figure out who she is and who she wants to be (it’s all in the lyrics of TK and RoS).

  12. The calvin harris single may be a filler track and maybe just recorded “for fun” but nonetheless in my opinion that song is still 100 timea.better the baby don’t lie or spark the fire…. just being honest … I wish her nothing but success with this single …. but we will see. She has to promote the hell out of it.

  13. I agree with Cynthia. “Together” sounds like a recycled Calvin song. You have been listening to that sound since 2011. Even though Spark The Fire has that nostalgic feeling I feel it’s still fresh and modern. You can compare it to their past collaborations but in the end it’s nothing alike. Mark my words, STF is gonna be huge. Maybe it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but it’s far from being trash.

  14. Plus let’s not forget how many fans trashed down Hollaback Girl back then and look at it now, it’s considered an iconic song and a fan favourite. lol

  15. I think is “Together” is anything but original, but I guess that’s exactly why it should be a single lol. It’s the kind of music radio just plays to death these days and Calvin’s name alone should guarantee decent airplay and sales. Making it a single would definitely be good for Gwen. I hope he will make it a single at some point in 2015.

  16. PEOPLE STOP ANALYZING EVERYTHING!! Unless you had a very successful music career, you are nobody to give advices to Gwen… Peace

  17. All three of the songs are mediocre at best. The newest, Start the Fire, is just plain terrible. It sounds like a really bad Crash remix that was only a B-side that was never released. The song plain sucks. I don’t want to listen to someone scream, groan, moan or whine. I want to hear Gwen Stefani sing. And not in that nasally new voice she has adopted. This is definitely more disappointing than the last ND album. That album was pure bliss and filled with singles, if promoted properly. BDL, Together and STF are not even worth placing on an album in my opinion. As a ND fan since 95 I am sad that this is what I have to look forward to. Pharrel is a has-been and doesn’t display anything new anymore. Every song on the radio sounds like his and his like every other. This may seem as a mad rant to a lot of fans, but come on…this is getting tiring. Just put out a song that feels good for YOU already and quit trying to please the radio stations. I want lyrics and feeling, not bouncy rythms filled with repetitive whines. VOCALS, LYRICS and FEELINGS please….and thank you.

  18. Have you guys ever thought that maybe Gwen is treating this album truly as a “side project” away from no doubt. Like a quick solo release and back to No Doubt she goes. Nothing grand like LAMB. Just a quick you guys want some dance tracks, here you go. One.. Two enjoy!!! lol You can’t really compare here to Katy or Beyonce because they pretty much are solo acts. They want to go solo. Gwen on the other hand will always be Gwen Stefani of No Doubt.

    Besides, Gwen and No Doubt is a weird predicament. They have experimented with a variety of sounds so much that fans seems to have a preference of what genre they should pursue in effect no one will truly be satisfied. The younger EDM fans would prefer them to go along the sounds of her Calvin Harris Feature. The hip-pop fans like me would prefer to hear more Spark the fire kinda tracks. The old school No Doubt purist wants the second coming of Tragic Kingdom. So no one will truly be satisfied because their next album will be another mash of genres and i love them for that

  19. IMHOMENOW, maybe you shouldn’t listen to these songs then. Just because you don’t like them it doesn’t mean they’re bad. Spark The Fire is probably the best song out of the bunch.

  20. I swear, Gwen/ND have some of the worse fans ever. Thats the bad thing about being around since the 80’s, instead of being respected and praised for each unique sound her albums have, we get these annoying fans that cling to one era and assume anything that ventures outside of that sound (Tragic Kingdom anyone?) is trash. They don’t need these kind of fans and to be honest I’m glad she will have a new unbiased fanbase off the voice. All this negativity is so unnecessary specially by people who shouldn’t be on this site if they are not here to support Gwen/ND. Want a better single? please by all means go make the sound you want to hear yourself. Wishing Gwen tons of support on STF and this Era and can’t wait for ND in 2015!

  21. Pharrell is a has-been? Seriously? He delivered three of the biggest songs of the last 10 years or so and he pretty much ruled all of 2013 and 2014 with those songs. “Happy” went to #1 in 24 countries. I can understand that many people may not like his music… but he really is anything but a has-been…

  22. whoever that took their time to write, it must be respected. Coz we r all equal. No matter if you agree or not with their opinion, thats for u @SUNDAYMORNING dont get sensitive. I used to love Gwen that much, but the harder shes tries the more disappointed i get.

  23. SUNDAYMORNING, couldn’t agree more! I don’t understand why they even lose their time to post. Sometimes it feels worse than facebook or youtube. We definitely don’t need that kind of “fans” here. We may not like everything they release but there’s no need to troll or ruin other people’s party. Yes, there are other fans who happen to love some of the new material. It gets overwhelming to read so much negativity.

  24. Personally I think it’s a very exciting time for Gwen. I love baby don’t lie and spark the fire. I can’t wait to hear remixes to those songs. Together and my heart is open are also great songs. This isn’t the end of gwen. The is the beginning of a new exciting era where new gwen music is coming out without boundaries , gwen is on TV almost every night plus she’s coming back to do another season, new no doubt, new harajuku cartoon, etc I’m in heaven right now !!!

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