Gwen Confirms New Fragrances Out In Fall And Solo Album


Gwen is featured in The Zoe Report’s Women of Style which includes new quotes on her signature style, fashion lines and much more.

As far as new projects go, she confirms again that she is working on both a new solo album and No Doubt material. Gwen also mentioned again that a new set of fragrances will be out in the fall from Harajuku Lovers! She had teased back in January that a new scent was coming from the brand but its exciting to hear that there even more on the way. Gwen also expressed her excitement (and feeling a little overwhelmed) with her latest gx line expanding, which is set to hit retailers next spring including Nordstrom.

“I’m working on music right now for both a solo album and No Doubt. I have a new set of fragrances coming out for Harajuku Lovers later this Fall, and GX by Gwen Stefani, my accessibly priced accessories line, is expanding. It’s all exciting and overwhelming.”

Gwen shares that she loves everything “Old Hollywood glamour” and always finds herself gravitating to classic films.

Gwen cites her heroes as her Great Grandma Hamilton, Grandma Anne and her mother. She also says her dad gave her the best career advise by saying just be yourself. “Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t try to change it and be something you’re not.”

Photo courtesy of Gwen/DWP.

20 Replies to “Gwen Confirms New Fragrances Out In Fall And Solo Album”

  1. Really Bob? I feel like people find a way to complain no matter what she does. I think we as fans should be over the moon that we will be getting BOTH new solo Gwen AND new No Doubt. This is a unique time!! We haven’t had this before! I find this much more exciting than if she was just talking solo and not mentioning doing anything No Doubt

  2. Im so sick of people saying shes leaving no doubt behind … they just came out with a cd that failed two years ago! Be supportive of this exciting time for gwen! The other guys in the band have side projects and stuff too…but no one ever complains about that …just cuz its not the extent of gwens side projects … Gwen is a brand, a mogul , an icon in her own right…shes working om nodoubt stuff too…can you people not read?! Way to go Gwen … you are on fire right now!!!! Haters gonna hate!

  3. She keeps talking about ND material, but it’s weird that there hasn’t been studio pictures or writing session pictures of it yet. That doesn’t mean it isn’t happening, but it’s still odd since they like to use Instagram and Twitter. Boy she’s juggling a lot!

  4. This is my theory … no.wonder theres been no pics.of no doubt in the studio. I feel they are gonna release a b-sides album in the near future and maybe one or two brand new songs on there… and then Gwen is gonna come out with a new album on her own, which is already well underway and go on a world tour … that way no doubt would have released an album… but I dont see a tour wirh them…I really feel gwens gonna blow up going solo again and a tour will follow .

    1. You may be right. I remember when Adrian was interviewed in Vegas the host mentioned something about the band planning on releasing an album of “unreleased material”. It would make sense and I’m sure they have enough in their vault that would make us go crazy.

  5. B-sides of what though? P&S didn’t have any and they already have EIT. Do you mean pre-fame b-sides or the stuff they did last year? I would assume whatever they are cooking up would be new stuff.

    1. Oh, there’s still plenty of unreleased ND material. “It’s a fight” (by Timbaland) and “Wicked day” (by Dre) from the RS sessions for example. I’d love to hear those tracks! Also there is an unreleased Neptunes Remix of “Magic’s in the makeup” called “Magic” (feat. Beenie Man) and of course there is “Psycho” from the P&S sessions, which remained unfinished. Personally I’d be very happy with a new compilation of unreleased material and rare tracks, could make a great Christmas release. Who knows… maybe that’s the plan?

  6. Just give me Gwen solo #3 it sounds a million times more exciting, Her star needs to shine bright agian. I want to hear in the night clubs and radio again.

    Push and Shove: blah. If ND do another album, go more rock/Tragic Kingdom route and have some focus. They seemed so stressed making the album. But I think Gwen is probably having so much fun and so excited to be working with all these producers making an upbeat record. There is just so much for flexability with a solo project with what she can create.

  7. @KAT, all i meant by my comment is we all know shes doing the solo ventures (which I’m thrilled about), so why should she pretend she’s focusing on ND too, you know? she just doesnt wanna upset fans and sound like a hypocrite.

    & adrians “vegas interview” —nothing he said in it had any substance or weight what so ever, he just gave the general response that anybody in a band gives when there band is laying low. He said hed like to release music, tour, etc etc —everything bands like to do. he had no idea all this was gonna happen when that video was shot— this benifit show isnt something they knew about then what so ever.

  8. Bob, you’re wrong. Adrian actually spilled the beans about No Doubt performing together in Las Vegas and it’s going to happen. I believe that Gwen will also use The Voice to promote something from No Doubt even if it’s just a random single.

  9. Interesting that Gwen is going to release a new set of HL fragrances. It makes me wonder if she will bring back the Harajuku Girls too for this era?

  10. The video of the “big” “adrian interview” was taken on a cell phone from a local nevada channel, for OK Magazine!! OK Magazine is the same magazine that put Gwen & Gavin on the COVER with huge word SPLIT across the picture! Interscope records isnt gonna cross market a Gwen solo album and No Doubt at the same time, plus i doubt the band would like that.

  11. If Adrian wouldve been in New York the time of that “interview” he woulda said “id love to play New York soon”, he didnt have any “beans” to spill LOL

  12. Actually, Bob, that interview was recorded by me on my cell phone. I just randomly flipped through channels and that interview came up. A local tv station here plays Ok! Magazine’s show at 9am. And I live in MN, not NV.

  13. @SHANA, you confirmed almost all that i said… the video was from a cell phone, OK Magazine interview, on a local station lol 😉

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