Gwen Confirms Miguel Collaboration To Cosmopolitan


Last month, sources were reporting that a few new songs had been registered for Gwen possibly for her upcoming album including a collaboration with Miguel. In her new interview with Cosmopolitan magazine for their March issue, Gwen confirms that she did work with Miguel on new material as well as Charli XCX, Calvin Harris and Sia. “Charli XCX, Calvin Harris, Miguel — they gave me a gift. And Sia, she’s fucking genius.”

The song listed on BMI is “Overdose” and was co-written with Miguel, Benny Blanco (“Baby Don’t Lie”), and Michael Angelakos.

Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan. For more from Gwen’s interview, click here.

12 Replies to “Gwen Confirms Miguel Collaboration To Cosmopolitan”

  1. Well, if Miguel collaborated with Gwen then Shakira might have too… I can take Miguel, but Shakira just no. 😑

  2. I don’t know anything about Miguel tbh and I have never even heard of him before I learned that Gwen worked with him. I still kinda want this Shakira duet to happen, but only for the buzz lol.

  3. Shakira’s song with Rihanna was a complete disaster. I hope it’s just a rumour, can’t see their voices going well together… 😖

  4. Ive said this before and ill say it again.
    as friends, can we never mention shakiras name on the site ever again?

  5. I’m curious about the Miguel collab. He’s an awesome r&in singer. Sure Thing and Beautiful are some of his tracks. Anyways, I need for Gwen to work with Tony 🙂

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