Gwen Comments On Bizarre MOCA Gala

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Gwen was in attendance at the 2011 MOCA Gala, which featured An Artist’s Life Manifesto, directed by Marina Abramovic. The presentation has been getting some mixed reviews — all guests were asked to participate and that included wearing a white lab coat during the event. Gwen commented on it saying that she’s been a nurse before for Halloween one year and it brought her back.

The Daily Beast — It’s a funny thing to see people get dolled up for a museum gala—furs, jewels, tuxedos, floor-length gowns—only to be asked to put on a white lab coat before sitting down for dinner. But that’s what the 750 guests of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles had to do at its annual gala on Saturday night—and the weirdness didn’t stop there.

“I think I was a nurse for Halloween one year,” Gwen Stefani said of the last time she was in a lab coat.


Just for fun, I thought we would show you the nurse photo that she was talking about!

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