Gwen Chats with UK Radio About New Album and Holiday Traditions

While in London, Gwen stopped by a few radio stations including BBC to chat about her new album and being back in the UK after so many years. She also talked about her favorite holiday traditions with guest and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Check out the interviews below as well as photos of her out in London.

BBC Radio 2

Wave 105

5 Replies to “Gwen Chats with UK Radio About New Album and Holiday Traditions”

  1. Hey Jenny! I saw an earlier story about a rumour Gwen was going to perform at the Vatican with Jon Bon Jovi. I was super stoked because Jon and Gwen are my 2 favourite artists. Have you heard anything else about that?

    1. I saw something going around on Twitter that the event was canceled due to a terrorist threat against the Pope. Danilo had confirmed the performance earlier on Instagram I believe so this may have been something last minute…

    1. I wondered about it too when the threat to The Vatican was plastered all over the news (for those who missed it: Isis released a video shot inside of a car moving towards The Vatican, in a simulation of an apparent car bombing in progress, and the driver declares that Isis will attack The Vatican during the Christmas holidays! >.<). Was worried for The Pope, for Gwen, Jon and Tim, and for all involved, since the high profile of this event would have made it a likely possible terrorist target. Fortunately, the event did take place on Dec 5, albeit in a more low-key manner than I guess was originally planned. Bummed that Gwen and Jon did not get to attend/perform, but this was probably a wise move on the part of authorities, due to the added star power and attention they would have brought to proceedings. Tim Fain, the violinist, did get to perform, and I think Danny DeVito was there as the host of the dinner. More tellingly, The Pope himself did not attend his own event, due to said security concerns, as per Tim Fain's Instagram post:

      I'm sure Gwen will get another chance to meet and/or perform for His Holiness in happier circumstances. As it stands, she wouldn't have met him this time around even if she did go.

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