Gwen Chats with ‘InStyle’ About Eyewear Collections and Keeping Busy

Photo courtesy of InStyle/Tura

InStyle shared a new interview with Gwen where they chatted wth her about her new eyewear collections and how she loves keeping busy. With The Voice right around the corner and her continued work as executive producer for Kuu Kuu Harajuku, Gwen continues to have a lot on her plate and she also gave fans a little hope saying that she “always has music” in her and we could possibly hear something in someway from her soon (crossing our fingers!).

The Voice gives me so many opportunities; I’m so grateful for that. The show is everything that I love—music, performances, outfits, hair, makeup—and it exposes you to people you wouldn’t have met otherwise. There’s always music in me, so I have some things up my sleeve there too. I like being busy!”

When it comes to eyewear, Gwen says that she’s been really lucky having to not wear glasses herself until recently. She calls eyewear “the ultimate accessory” and shares again that she’s always wanted to create collections of her own ever since she journeying into the design world. “Whatever I design is always going to be something I would wear.”

Select styles are available now and you can find a retailer near you to check out some of the styles yourself at Tura.coma.

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    1. Or a 30 track leftovers collection and a fresh album… 😉 I can’t complain. Anything new from Gwen would be amazing.

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