Gwen Chats About the Possibility of Touring with ‘USA Today’

Photo courtesy of Guillermo Moreno for BSO
Photo courtesy of Guillermo Moreno for BSO

Gwen is featured in today’s edition of USA Today (Monday, March 14) with a new interview where she discusses writing her new album and the possibility of touring.

Gwen says that she began writing for the album in last June and some of the songs appearing on This Is What the Truth Feels Like were written earlier this year. “It’s really the first time I’ve written a record about being happy.”

On touring, Gwen admits she doesn’t see herself going on a full-blown tour again due to her three children. “I have three kids, so it’s never going to be like it was before, a real tour. I don’t see how I can do that, with them at school.” And when asked if she could hit the road during summer vacations, Gwen says that she wouldn’t want to drag the kids along on a bus during their time off from school.

She reveals that she has her children half of the time (per their custody agreement) and says that it devastates her. But in how tragic the situation is, Gwen says that she’s had more time to focus on herself and has been “been able to recover the way I have.” “I know that things are going to keep unfolding and evolving, and I have faith that everything’s going to get better and better.”

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  1. I was thinking about it this morning, I had listened to the NPR interview, how she has now written her 1st happy record, and how all the stuff she released at this point was about heartbreak and insecurities. I’m happy for her, and for this new chapter on my relationship with her music, cause Gwen’s lyrics always spoke so much to me and certains periods of my file that I feel she gets me (LOL…) 🙂

  2. “She reveals that she has her children half of the time (per their custody agreement) and says that it devastates her.” – I had mentioned on another topic, that she gave Gavin joint custody as part of their agreement to get a quick and clean divorce, I knew that if it was up to her, she would prefer full solo custody.

    1. Up one spot to #19 for the new week. Also up 3 spots to #27 on the Pop Chart. In other news, “Misery” debuts at #26 on the Billboard Twitter Top Tracks Charts, and is currently at #3 on Billboard’s Trending Top 140 (this last chart is very fluid, and is updated on the hour).

  3. I think the festivals on the weekend worked well last year…or maybe a residency might work. It’s understandable that a nationwide tour is nearly impossible with 3 young kids and now being divorced. I admire that she wants her kids to have as “normal” of a life as they can given the circumstances.

    BUT…Gwen often says one thing and does another, so who knows! Maybe she will work something out if the album does well.

  4. I would love for Gwen to go on tour, but I totally understand with only have her kids part time. I wouldn’t leave my kids either nor have them travel with me during their time off. Unless the tour was super small like 16 dates.

  5. i wouldn’t be surprise if she follows other established pop acts and do a vegas residency. It just works perfectly for her kids and the voice if she signs up next season.

      1. Gwen Stefani
        Tokyo 3-3-16

        Wind It Up
        Rich Girl
        Baby Don’t Lie
        Early Winter
        Spark the Fire

        (Change #1)

        Harajuku Medley

        (Change #2)

        You Started It
        The Real Thing/Wonderful Life
        Blow Your Mind

        (Change #3)

        Misery [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
        Make Me Like You
        Danger Zone
        What You Waiting For


        Used To Love You
        Hollaback Girl
        The Sweet Escape

          1. Sounds like Eve will be making an appearance, if she does, crossing fingers for her to pop up during Rich Girl.

        1. Blow Your Mind caught my eye too…that would be great if Eve showed up, but probably unlikely? Whatever happened to her anyway? LOL

          Strange that she’s saving her two biggest singles for last. I love that Wonderful Life is being featured. I think it’s a beautiful song and doesn’t get enough credit for tackling a difficult subject.

          1. Since her collabs with Gwen, Eve has had an interesting and pretty successful time of it actually. Her last album was Lip Lock (2013) which was released shortly after she left Gwen’s label, Interscope. Intriguingly, she followed Gwen’s lead, and ventured into fashion, and launched a successful urban clothing line, Fetish. Even more notably, like Gwen, she also decided to dabble in acting, and in this regard, she has outdone Gwen. Eve had her own sitcom “Eve” which ran for 3 years, and she landed a plum role in the Barbershop films, among others. She is currently busy readying for Barbershop: The Next Cut, which opens nationwide next month.

    1. Hmm, you might be right! They’ll have LMBYM playing as a track while she changes, and then she’ll promptly reemerge to blow everyone’s minds with Misery! Perfect segue!

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