Gwen Calls The Voice “Perfect Timing”

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Backstage at the Emmy Awards last night, Gwen spoke with People magazine about her loving family and hectic schedule. She shared that she feels like she’s “spread so thin” and has spent so much time with her boys this past year that its difficult leaving them for events like the Emmys.

“When I left today to come here, they were like, ‘Oh! Mommy! Ahh!’ They’re not used to it. They’re like, ‘Where are you going?!’ So I told them I was going to get in their bed when I get home and wake them up and kiss them.”

She talked about how spontaneous The Voice gig happened for her saying she just got the call and said “Alright, I’ll do it”. Gwen says that the timing couldn’t be any more perfect and she finds it inspiring to be in that position in music.

Photo courtesy of People/Getty.

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