Gwen “Breaks Down Her Ideal Family-Packed Day” for ELLE Magazine


Gwen is featured in the June issue of ELLE magazine with a look into her daily routine and how she would love to spend her “ideal-family packed day”. We picked up the issue and shared the article as well as some highlights in which she shares some of her favorite beauty products and where she would love to take her kids.

Dream Getaway
“You wish you could just fly to Hawaii, but Gavin and I try to do anything we can with the kids around L.A. — visiting La Brea Tar Pits, going to Magic Mountain. Anything that lets them have a good life, that’s what we try to do.”

Face Time
“My daily routine is simple. I use sunscreen because I’m quite fair, but I don’t have the luxury of time. I know people think, Oh, she looks so made up when she goes out, but they have to understand that I’m a professional! I’ve been doing this for a long time. I had to be on a bus with all guys since I was very young. I can put makeup on with just a compact. I’m fast. I’m a wizard.” One of Stefani’s go-to deep reds: Urban Decay’s Gash, originally launched in 1997.

Fun Raiser
“It’s an incredible thing that Urban Decay is doing,” says Stefani of the Newport Beach, California-based makeup brand’s launch of the philanthropic venture Ultraviolet Edge. Over the next five years, the brand intends to donate $3 million to female-focused initiatives around the globe, partnering with such organizations as the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund. It’s a lofty goal, but with 100 percent of every sale of Urban Decay’s new, limited-edition Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Enigma, — and with Stefani stepping on board to bring awareness to the cause — it’s far from attainable. “To look back on what I’ve done — writing albums, expressing myself through music, creating a clothing line — and to know that people have jobs because of me — that’s pretty empowering,” Stefani says. “And I want to help women who have unthinkable lives opportunities to build something on their own instead of having to be dependent. That’s empowerment.”

3 Replies to “Gwen “Breaks Down Her Ideal Family-Packed Day” for ELLE Magazine”

  1. I just found two different copies of June ELLE magazine with Taylor Swift front covers but neither of them have Gwen’s new interviews about family and so on. I’ m just gonna keep looking. I even had two store clerks go through every page of both ELLE copies, I started crying, so embarrassing but I was excited to get it…if anyone has a heads up about which June copy she’s in please give me a shout…Cheers & ❤ to Everyone

    1. Taylor Swift is on the June US issue(s). Gwen’s feature is in the Beauty section on page #128.

  2. Gwen found her ‘Simple Kind Of Life’ inspiring other women to know that they too can make it on their own…These new initiatives will blow away years of stereotypical idealizations about the roles of women & Men and in time, I believe that both Women’s/girls, Men/boys lives can be empowered. Sincere Appreciation For All The Hard Work That Goes Into These initiatives. ❤❤

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