“Go Ahead and Break My Heart” Live at the Billboard Music Awards

Gwen and Blake took the stage tonight at the Billboard Music Awards and performed their new duet “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” live in Las Vegas. Gwen looked stunning and the couple delivered another solid performance of their smash country-crossover hit. What did you think of the performance? Check out the performance video courtesy of Gossip Cop and some pictures below!

You can check out more backstage photos here from the Billboard Music Awards.


30 Replies to ““Go Ahead and Break My Heart” Live at the Billboard Music Awards”

    1. Poor Gregory Arlt 😉 My guess is that Gwen wanted a true beauty sort of look. I think she nailed that though! Good for her!

  1. Her makeup is fine it’s just that she looks so different without the heavy eyeliner.
    Sounded great…killer performance

  2. People have something to say when she is made up with more color, too. She’s Gwen F’ing Stefani and has more style in her little finger than all of us sitting around critiquing something so superficial as her makeup! She was stunning and everyone knows love is what makes a girl beautiful, anyway, not make up!

  3. Beautiful Gwen Stefani(visit article of Perez Hilton written about this event. He posted a close-up photo of Gwen which captured the elegant and graceful beauty of the Queen of awesome)!!! Beautiful couple!!!Thank you both for sharing with us an excellent performance of your hit song in this special event!

  4. Yeah she looks so different without eyeliner and fake lashes as do I lol…I still thinks she looks good though and I love that dress.

  5. Gwen’s makeup and hair looked flawless! She’s an ageless goddess! Personally I’m not a fan of the sheer dresses…

  6. I think the makeup artist should have gone with the nude lip/ dramatic eye rule. Instead he actually used white eyeshadow, no liner and overly dramatic eyebrow and that made her look off not to mention a bright white spotlight on her face.
    Honestly I would have to breakup with my makeup artist cause they are paid big bucks to factor in all the elements of the venue. He is a friend too tho so that is a tough call.
    She is so beautiful and that gown on her was amazing! I never noticed Blake being so good looking till after he got with Gwen. I actually don’t think he was. Healthier lifestyle now and very in love shows. Together stunning!

  7. Blake is not “good looking”. He just isn’t. And he is another wreck waiting to happen.

    1. Think you are in the minority on that. I think the OTT top interest in them could be their biggest challenge and the nonstop wrath of the exes fans posting their vitriol everywhere. Gwen and Blake are getting a lot of press because people are demanding it and it gets thousands of clicks and mags sold.
      Gwen has a huge following and a big number of fans from the Scandinavian countries, Europe and Brazil are following her, this relationship closely and begging her to tour there. I guess they have a lot crossover fans from their own genre. If he ” breaks her heart” he is going to have a lot of people to answer to cause if you scan the comnents everywhere people are heavily invested in their relationship.
      I can’t really think of another couple getting this much attention right now.

      1. I noticed… Twitter has TONS of the Shefani fans. They are quite strange… Not the regular fanbase for Gwen, more like Beyonce beehive crowd.

        1. Are they even a fan of Gwen’s music? Ugh. “Shefani”? I hate that she’s reduced to a nickname now. She’s much more than her 7 month relationship.

          1. Gwen has been following graphic accounts such as DirtyShefani, ImagineShefani, etc. lol I don’t even recognise her anymore. 80% of the “fans” she’s following are people who started to listen to her music 6 months ago; they call the guys of the band her backup band; they drag other fans who cherish her old music and past eras by saying they’re stuck in the past and support Tony and Gavin instead of Blake that is all that matters now; all they seem to care about is her relationship. I wonder if they consider TIWTTFL her debut album sometimes. LOL

  8. I’m not a full-on makeup person but I never leave the house without mascara and eyeliner, I’d feel naked without it. That’s how I feel about Gwen too, but maybe it’s because we’re used to seeing her in full-on makeup only. I think the look would’ve worked well with a black dress or something, but with the dress she wore it all seemed to nude and boring.

    And as for the music, I lovelovelove this song so much. But I also think it overshadows her own album. Is this era over already? Is she releasing a video for Misery or any other single?

    Side note: Asking 4 it is my least favorite song but it was recently played in my spinning class. I can see that it could work as a club single now.

  9. Asking 4 It was playing in H&M too haha, random but I guess it’s gotten some people’s attention.

    I hope they release the Misery video soon!

  10. I get tired of seeing a picture of Blake and Miranda it’s OVER didn’t his album say it in “If I’m Honest” The only thing I would like to see of the Ex is People magazine do and interview with Miranda Lambert and see how honest she is! Nobody from either side has given any reason for their divorce, which is their right I understand but I’ve heard Blake’s album and I is telling without tellin So who’s the cheater in my book Miranda. But please do not put there picture up he looks much better with Gwen, hands down! Blake and Gwen looked absolutely stunning together hard class to follow. I’m amazed at their love for each other she will one day be the wife that will truly love Blake that and that my friends will keep them together forever! ✨✨ #WeShelfani ✨✨ Thank you might have been a little to straight but let’s move on to bigger and better things like Martina McBride once sung Go ahead with your ly’in Cheat’n Heart!!

  11. I really like Asking For It. I just don’t get how her record company is rolling out her songs. Her album has had staying power given it is like 18 on iTunes but her label doesn’t seem aggressive enough to me. The Fetty one has a lot of youtube hits and they should capitalize on that and release it.

  12. I would also like to see her return to promoting her own album. I don’t see why she isn’t doing both. Supposedly there’s a Misery video coming soon, but that song just seems to “old” now. I love it, but the pacing on its release has been terrible. She should have gone with something different like Rare or WWIB.

    BTW, Blake is a handsome guy. Just needs a little help in dressing for events. They are already calling you Hollywood, so you might as well just go for it and buy a suit Blake! Lol

  13. I agree that those new Shefani fans are a little bit weird, but I guess if only 50% of them go and buy Gwen’s music now, that should be seen as a positive thing to happen to her at this point in her career. She hasn’t even a current single on the radio, but still her album hangs in the top 20 on iTunes again. That says something imho. The Shefani following and the exposure definitely pay off.

    1. It’s not selling much, but it has managed to stay in the top 50 (overall, not just iTunes) since it was released!

    2. I used to be on twitter but it was a little too much lately. Most of the shefani fans are teenagers and you can’t even try to make some constructive conversation, they will literally jump down your throat if you dare to bring Gwen’s past. They’re so delusional, like you should stop listening to her old stuff cause her past hurt her and it’s painful to hear her old songs. Wtf? I don’t even think about Gwen or her ex-lovers when I hear to her music. Seriously, these girls have no idea what music really is. I’m not here to “ship” nobody’s relationship. I’m only here for music.

          1. Sadly I’m not. There has been at least one post that has called my attention where the person actually praised the whole Shefani thing.

  14. I hope things will relax a little once she’s on tour. Maybe that will shift the focus back on her music, at least for fans. I can’t wait to see the first videos of her performing all those new songs!

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