Gwen: “Being stylish with two boys is hard!”

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I found this article on, it some quotes from the InStyle magazine.

Gwen Stefani is definitely one of the biggest fashion icons of our time, but even she admits that looking stylish is kind of hard while trying to raise two active boys!

In a new interview with InStyle Magazine, Gwen said, “When you have two little boys, you have to play outside. There’s no way around it. If we’re at the park, I try not to wear heels. The kids are so gigantic, it would be painful.”

As for how she manages to stay comfortable while chasing after her sons, Kingston and Zuma, Gwen said, “I always bring back-up shoes!”

Gwen is also encouraging her boys to have their own sense of style and adds, “I like them to be creative and have fun. I’d love to be part of it — don’t get me wrong. Sometimes they’ll get dressed and it’s horrifying. But they often come out in outfits that are awesome.”

Gwen may think that she lets her fashion sense slip while out with the kids, but judging from the photos below, it looks like she has a great handle on her style no matter what she’s doing!

6 Replies to “Gwen: “Being stylish with two boys is hard!””

  1. “Sometimes they’ll get dressed and it’s horrifying.” As much as I love Gwen, she sounds like such a douche sometimes.

  2. I disagree… if my young niece or nephew were allowed to pick out their clothes for school, it would be very very bad LOL

  3. LOL, I get where you are coming from Amanda. If I had a kid that did that I would think it would be cute rather than horrifying. I just think that the idea, largely pushed by celebrity culture, that extremely young children are expected to have high, cutting edge fashion sense is absurd.

  4. Nothing wrong with what Gwen said. There’s rarely a parent out there that doesn’t laugh at what their kids wear sometimes. I know my mother did, told me once I was a little older. I doubt she tells them that to their faces.

  5. I see what you’re saying Simon. We all know that Gwen can be superficial at times… I think in this instance though she was just joking around 😉

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