Gwen Performs “Make Me Like You” and “Misery” on ‘SNL’ (Updated)

Gwen returned to the Saturday Night Live stage with two stellar live performances of “Make Me Like You” and “Misery”. She looked and sounded fantastic and we feel like her appearance on SNL will go down as one of her best ever! Gwen also joined host Peter Dinklage in a hilarious skit in the beginning of the show that had her trending on Twitter during the night with #SpacePants (or is it #SpaceShorts?).

Blake Shelton showed his support throughout the night Tweeting at Gwen and complimenting her on the performances!

Highlights courtesy of SNL and you can check out the full episode on

Live Tweets

Gwen also took part in a funny sketch alongside host Peter Dinklage saluting space pants. And yes, #SpacePants was trending on Twitter!

Gwen kicked off her performances with “Make Me Like You” — and it may be her best yet!

Gwen’s second song of the night was “Misery” and she delivered one of her most powerful live performances yet. She was so on-point!

@nbcsnl #spacepants 😘 gx

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Me and that guy @adamsandler #cool #rad #omg gx

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@bayschuck wow how did this happen ? Thank u gx

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Space pants. Space pants. #snl

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@nbcsnl @petedavidson me and this cutie gx

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40 Replies to “Gwen Performs “Make Me Like You” and “Misery” on ‘SNL’ (Updated)”

  1. She looks so freaking great like what.

    One thing about Gwen is you can watch her perform live and be constantly reminded how electric and full of life she is. She owns the stage with such confidence and sexiness. This performance however, she seemed a bit nervous or intimidated. Maybe its the song, or the shoes, or the fact its SNL. In any case I was more wowed by her look than the performance. Still love her.

  2. YASSSSSS she slayed misery!!!! The first half was kind of stiff but after the bridge real Gwen came out swinging! Love.

  3. THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY FOR GWEN AND A PROUD SUPPORTER! Our girl is 46years old with the #1 record and on fucking SNL!!!! in America, to be invited to play SNL means you’re at the top. even the biggest artist and bands in the world can count how many times they’ve been on SNL. They won’t just book u just because of your name. This is amazing to me, who else that came out in the mid-90s is in her spot?? NO ONE!!!! Now if she got a ‘Rollingstone’ or ‘Vogue’ cover I’d die.

    1. Heard!!!!! You know she’s gonna start smashing dem fashion covers with this acclaim!!!!

      Shes sort of being branded the Eternal Teenager and it fits like a glove because a teen is a kid that dreams of being older so fashionwise/aesthetic you run the entire gamut!!

  4. Guys! I have to tell you. Me and my boyfriend and best friends went to the local gay club tonight. There’s three tiers – and we go up to the top one to buy drinks and go to the bathroom. When we went up – they were playing This is What the Truth Feels Like!!! It started with Rare, and then Red Flags, and then Misery. I was freaking out!!! 🙂

    1. Great to hear– I think her new songs would be perfect club songs.
      They also play them on The Today Show and on Kathie Lee and Hoda as they fade in and out from commercials.

  5. OK I’m gonna start commenting!! SHE KILLS MISERY LIVE!! omg you can feel how much she LOVES SINGING THAT SONG!!! I will admit I loved it but didn’t think I was a strong single choice given so many strong contenders, but DAMN! If she doesn’t sell that motherfucker live! I saw her do the Priceless Mastercard thing in Japan and even though it was a shitty audience can you could tell she was LIVING doing Misery live! I said right after “OK I bet she does Misery live on SNL and MURDERS IT. …… Yep!!! I think we’re looking at Spring single here and I hope against hope that it blows up but dies enough to give Where Would I Be?the summer spot. But at the end of the day…. Fuck it!! Our girl just released a pop masterpiece and the whole world is taking notice!!!! I’m so happy for her whether she gets another smash single or not!! Of course I want some incredible videos but more than anything I’m just so happy someone as beautiful and honest and devoted as Gwen really gets another come-up!!! No one deserves it more!!!

  6. She hit it a home run! Perfect vocals, amazing band, cute outfits. I’m excited for Misery as the 3rd single!!

    I think Space Pants might be the best promo she’s done so far! LOL

  7. Wow she killed it. I didn’t expect the song to sound this good live. And those high notes!!!! About MMLY it was good but it sounded a bit slowed down?! Her vocals were on point though.

  8. OMG I just saw a pic of what she wore to the SNL after party and all I can say is she should have saved it for the ACM ‘s tonite! The country music folk jaws would drop!

          1. That dress and space pant twitter banter reminded me of how bitter I am over Gavin and the yellow bondage pants. (pretty sure that was my Red Flag)

  9. And no she shouldn’t set foot on the ACMs, it’s not her world.
    Anyway wish I could watch these SNL clips but they’re not available in my country.

    1. I know but I thought she might since Miranda is going to be there with her new guy that maybe Gwen might be there for support. Blake is performing, not up for award so I can see why they would not sit in the audience so she may not go. Plus she went it the SNL after party which I would guess wasn’t over till 3 am and she was on twitter by 9:30 am so doubt she got much sleep.

        1. I know I thought Blake would stay away—he was only added as a performer this past week.
          I mean I am still waiting for Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt to show up at the same place and it’s been 10 years!

      1. Who cares if she will be at the ACM Awards? Blake also went to the Grammys after party with her. So I can see her also attending the same events as Blake.

  10. I still feel like Misery would be a poor 3rd single choice and possibly kill this era. I think it would be smart if she did a Rihanna and send “Asking For It” to urban radio and “Where Would I Be” or “Rare” to pop radio at the same time.

  11. Looks like Gwen took an all nite flight and some are saying to Vegas.

    Agree with your choices of singles Lisa. I think some artists listen to what the fans think should be the single, so here is hoping so.
    The one with Fetty Wap is one of my favs.

  12. No one is going to mention that the oufit she wore during Misery is RS era revisited?
    So many RS vibes from it 🙂

    1. lmao that outfit is crazy but I like it. She’s telling me and anyone else who suspected her pregnancy to f*** off haha. She looks great!!!

      1. Not bad, it’s horrible to be exact. The pants and see through shirt are ok, what kills the outfit is that horrible high wait fishnet.
        It’s a matter of taste, can you imagine if everybody had the same taste in clothing? It would be a boring world.

        No: LOL! Very true, but after the Mastercard JP concert, all comments calling us crazy and saying she was 100% knocked up suddenly died!

  13. I agree with Lisa. Misery is a cute song and a solid album track, but it would be a terrible single choice.

    Either A4I, “Where would I be?” or “Send me a picture” should be the next single imho. Truth or Rare would make a good final single for this era.

  14. ^ecue me??

    Queen Gwen is never tacky, that’s why she’s Queen. She makes weird ass fashion choices sometimes (braces whut), but she’s always done it in a way that says she’s dressing for herself. She’s never seemed like a trend chaser. I even like her in the studio wearing that huge hunters jacket and baggy jeans. She’s cool in literally everything because her brain went “ill look cool in this” and she wore it. Never seems like she’s doing it for anyone else. Ugh she’s great.

    And anyway if anything was tacky it was RS let me blow your mind days lol please.

    1. Braces are not a weird ass fashion choice… She wore cause she felt she needed to fix the bridge on her teeth.
      Who the hell put braces to make a fashion statement?????

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