Gwen Back in the Studio with Justin Tranter, Julia Michaels and Greg Kurstin

Gwen shared a new photo of herself back in the studio with “Used To Love You” co-writers Justin Tranter, Julia Michaels and producer Greg Kurstin. Though Gwen has shared she has two albums worth of material written, she expressed late last year that she felt inspired to write and was planning on writing more into the new year for her upcoming album. Gwen even hinted that today she’s “#writingsongsaboutacowboy” responding to Blake’s Tweet sending her support in the studio.

Fans may remember that No Doubt initially was working alongside Kurstin in 2013 while writing new music before going on hiatus.

Wishing her the best of luck and we can’t wait to hear her new music hopefully soon!

16 Replies to “Gwen Back in the Studio with Justin Tranter, Julia Michaels and Greg Kurstin”

  1. Such a PAS era look! 😉 I can’t believe she’s still writing…how much does this woman have to say?? LOL 😉 A release date would be really nice…

  2. Thank goodness. I was getting worried cause we haven’t had any music news in over a month. If the album does get released I feel like it won’t be until spring or even summer.

  3. UTLY is still growing though!!!! It just reached it’s peak at #10 on Billboard Adult Top 40!!!!
    This week it hit 10 million views on Youtube and getting 100 thousand more per day since the NYE performance. It’s cool Gwen is taking time for the song to build and for people to get re-acquainted with her sound. 😀 😀 😀

  4. That’s exciting. But I want new music! lol Awesome that she’s working with Greg Kurstin again. I hope she doesn’t pick the material they’ve done with No Doubt and put on her solo album.

  5. I just saw a little clip on Instagram with Gwen being interviewed by Mary J.
    Blige. Looks like a pretty new one. Please post the full length video if/when it’s released! Thank you.<3<3

  6. If she is presently writing better and better songs, and scraps more of the stuff that is not that great, it will be worth the wait!!!!!

    1. Let the girl write the best songs she can possibly write and scrap the lesser ones. Like Robin said, it will totally be worth the wait.

  7. If more writing and recording means less rushed songs such as BDL and STF, I am totally fine with more writing and recording. I just hope all those song will eventually be used for something (album, bonus tracks, re-release, soundtracks etc.). I just hate when artists say stuff like “I wrote 50 songs for this album…”, but never release any of them apart from those that made the album lol.

  8. Just gonna say guy produced and co-wrote Adele’s “HELLO”, Sia’s “CHANDELIER”, Beck’s and Billy Idol’s latest and Lily Allen’s best. I’m having seizures…!!!!!

    My fave, co-writen with The Strokes’ guitarist:

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