“Hi New York, I’m Here Doing Some Stuff” (Updated)

Gwen’s back in New York City for the remainder of the week and has been sharing her adventures on Snapchat along the way. She flew in late Wednesday night with her posse and called out the paparazzi waiting outside for her.

Gwen first stopped by the SNL studios to film new promos and for rehearsals ahead of her performance this weekend.

Gwen later dropped by the LinkedIn offices for what looks like a new interview and had a blast touring around the Empire State Building.

7 Replies to ““Hi New York, I’m Here Doing Some Stuff” (Updated)”

  1. Gwen has up a new pic of a baby sonogram on her intsta!
    Is this Behati Prinsloos, it’s it an April fools or and announcement??!!

    1. April’s Fool for sure, but she’s getting some backlash from groups, and some followers are calling her out for being insensitive to women with fertility issues and some are saying she’s joking, comments on Instagram are on fire.

  2. ^i understand it’s a sensitive issue, but cmon. People just look for reasons to be offended these days.

  3. Really? People are offended by that? So stupid. Clearly an April Fools joke…and a good one! Lol

  4. Oh, and now I see there are 265 comments at the Daily Mail— I only read some cause they were looking negative. Sheesh can’t believe so many don’t have a sense of humour.

  5. I made the mistake of reading some of the silly reactions from “fans” on IG. She wasn’t making fun of women with fertility issues, she was poking fun at tabloids and fans who insist she’s pregnant all the time! Did they get offended by her alien baby joke in the MMLY video too? LOL

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