Gwen Back in Live Rehearsals with Gabe and Steve (Updated)

Gwen shared new photos from what looks like live rehearsals this afternoon alongside bandmates Steve Bradley and Gabe McNair. She is confirmed to be performing during NBA All-Star Weekend at an exclusive party on Friday, February 12 and again on Tuesday, February 16, for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Hi Social media gx @sbradleymusic @gabrialmcnair gx

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We wish Gwen the best in rehearsals and are crossing our fingers for a surprise new single!

Later in the night, Gwen shared a selfie with good friend Sophie Muller and her assistant.

10 Replies to “Gwen Back in Live Rehearsals with Gabe and Steve (Updated)”

  1. Sophie is her personal friend and it’s likelly working on the videos for her performances.
    Off topic… looks like Pete (her assistant) got fired, makes sense, since he was Gavin’s friend.

      1. She has now referred to her assistant a “she”, and some photos where she was with Gwen and being identified as her assistant. Makes sense, she had Pete running around with her 24/7.

  2. I can’t help but cringe every time I see Sophie Muller in the mix. Her collaborations with Gwen have been crap since “Cool”.

    I wish Gwen would work with Mark Romanek again. I loved the “Hella Good” video, and his work is so great. Joseph Kahn would be another good one.

    1. Yeah I’m kinda tired of the Sophie Muller music videos too, I mean they are good but always seem a little lackluster to me. But hey, if she’s filming backdrops then Sophie is perfect for that

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